Life List

Inspired by other bloggers and determined to make things happen in my life - I decided to start a Life List.

These are things I really want to experience or accomplish in my life. Some are expensive, some are risky, some are daring, some seem impossible…others are - well, kinda silly. But they are all things I want to do and for some reason, something has kept me for doing them.

I am going to blog about my progress with each item and hopefully begin to cross items off this master list. Of course, as I think of new things I want to accomplish, I’ll add those too.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost. To reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience!”
Eleanor Roosevelt

If you have comments, tips, tricks or are in the position to make any of these things happen for me - I would be forever grateful to hear from you. Please contact me at so I can keep on Living The Dream and share the journey with others!

1. Visit Dublin, Ireland
2. Act in a play
3. Get my work published in a big, fancy national magazine like Real Simple
4. Spend a weekend reading and writing in a cabin by the water
5. Run errands on a Vespa
6. Write a book
7. Kick depression’s ass
8. Hang out with a celebrity
9. Learn to dance the salsa with my husband
10. Sing in a band
11. Learn to play the piano
12. Go to Paris (I’m going! Summer 2013! Have my plane ticket and passport ready!!)
13. Go on an Alaskan cruise
14. Spend quality time somewhere were it snows…doing snow related activities
15. Have my house professionally decorated
16. Get a new, fully decked out Honda Odyssey
17. Run with the bulls in Spain
18. Audition for a Broadway show (not necessarily get a part in one, just audition!)
19. Take my kids to DisneyWorld (BEYOND excited to be going in May 2013 as part of the Disney Social Media Moms Conference! Kids are counting down the days!)
20. Spend a weekend at a spa (I’m crossing it off because I went to one before my sister’s wedding, but I’d do it again in a heart beat!)
21. Go apple picking in the fall on the east coast
22. Stay at the The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan…where Somewhere In Time was filmed 
23. Walk the red carpet
24. Have tea with the Queen
25. Go to Greece and stay somewhere that has a view like you see in the movie, Mama Mia
26. Meet Meryl Streep

27. Paint Jackson’s room
28. Go on an African Safari
29. Stay at a dude ranch
30. Go to the Olympics
31. Visit with the President of the United States in the Oval Office
32. Buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks at Bergdorfs in NYC
33. Sleep on Beechwood sheets from Switzerland
34. Go to a nude beach (Thank you TJ and Will Farrell)
35. Feel comfortable at the nude beach!
36. Stand up in the middle of an important board meeting, court hearing or the like and yell “I object” or “You can’t handle the truth”.
37. Learn the technique of wool felting (9/7/11 I just signed up to take an online class!)
38. Take a Mondo Beyondo class
39. Take Donna Downey’s Fabric class on Big Picture Scrapbooking
40. Attend the Kentucky Derby wearing a big, cool, floppy hat
41. Take my kids to see a proper fall in NY with my sister
42. Go to Yellowstone and stay at the historic Old Faithful Inn
43. Go to Yosemite
44. Get Acupuncture
45. Do kind things for others (it’s a daily endeavor!)
46. Get Healthy (I’ve been working on this with gazelle-like intensity since July 2012. You can read about my progress under the “life list in progress” tag. As of January 2013 I’ve lost 50 pounds! Update: February 2013 - 54.4 pounds lost and I met my weight goal! Still working out and running! Update: May 2014 - still working on maintaining my weight loss. Running and cycling!)
47. Get a Brazilian wax
48. Use a Neti Pot
49. Get on a skin care regimen (Using a new product that I’m anxious to share with you soon! 9/15/12)
50. Attend a blogger conference in 2012 (I’m signed up for Bloggy Boot Camp in September!)
51. Become a Marriott/Renaissance Beach Blogger
52. Get my allergies under control (have been getting allergy shots regularly for almost two years now! 1/7/13. Update June 2014, still getting shots - allergies are a little better!)
53. Learn another language by immersion

54. Attend the Spark conference in October 2011 (signed up and ready to roll!)

55. See Willie Nelson perform at Greune Hall in Texas

56. Participate in a Flash Mob

57. Go shopping with Stevie Nicks

58. Attend a large blogger conference in 2013 (Signed up for Blissdom 2013. It’s in Dallas next year, ya’ll!)

59. Go birdwatching. See 200 plus species of birds.

60. Complete  five 5K runs  and one 10K run in 2013. (I completed the Houston Rhythm and Blues 5K in February -  31 minutes and 57 seconds, the Digital Run 5K, the Blue Bell 10K in Brenham and Green 6.2 both all in April and the 5K Original Mud Run in May. Signing up for a sprint-tri in September.)

60. Updated - Complete five 5Ks and two Sprint Triathlons in 2014. (Completed 2 Sprint Tris!)

61. Participate in the Princess half-marathon at Walt Disney World in 2014. I’m looking for sponsors for this trip!

62. Go on the Ellen Show as a Hot Mess Representative with Bobbie and Kristi.

63. Go to Turks and Caicos

64. Take the kids snow skiing



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