About Me

Where do I start? I grew up a small girl in a small town in upstate New York. I moved away from that town in 1983 to a much bigger town (Houston) but I didn’t get any taller. Today I stand 4’10” tall (really, more like 4’9″ - but who’s gonna pull out a tape measure, right?) That’s me in the middle, by the way.
I studied Radio and Television in College and was a DJ at a radio station in Nacogdoches, Texas. It was an alternative rock show and I went by the handle, “The Jenner” (Knerr was my maiden name. I know. Pretty bad.) My second major was in English and my minor was in Journalism with an empasis on Public Relations. After realizing that Katie Couric wasn’t going to give up her day job - I decided to go into PR.
And I worked in PR for 15 years. In that time I married my college sweetheart, had two kids, moved to the burbs in Houston, ran a marathon and didn’t get any taller. That’s me in the middle, by the way.
In 2006 I followed my dream to start my own business and began work as a freelance writer. I juggle life as as a sorta-kinda-stay-at-home-mom; serving as a board member at my daughter’s preschool and a PTO member and home room mom at my son’s elementary school AND a I-promise-I’m-a-professional-and-trustworthy-business owner, interviewing clients and sources on the phone and writing into the wee hours of the night.

Living The Dream started as a place for me to write creatively in whatever form I wanted at the moment. At swim meets, baseball and soccer practice, ballet, cub scout meetings and camp-outs…my friends often hear me say, “I’m living the dream.” It’s probably the only phrase I can think of that I say both sarcastically (as I’m cleaning up my preschooler’s 15th pee-pee accident off the floor) and with sincerity (good health, beautiful kids, a roof over my head…I know that  I am blessed beyond belief!)

I turned 40 in January 2011 and decided that instead of getting down in the dumps (I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety almost my entire life), I would start a life list and go after what matters to me most. Part of my journey is deciding what exactly that is!

My blog is evolving. I write posts about what’s going on in my life with sincerity and humor. I bring attention to things that I love and think my readers will love, too including crafts, projects, products, good deals, good books, etc. And sometimes I still post a poem or short story I wrote - hoping I’ll get inspired and write that book!
I once thought I’d work in publishing in New York City but I know that I can be a mother of young children in my 40’s, living in the burbs in Houston and STILL be living the dream!



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