How to Stay on The Road to Wellness While Traveling

I just got back from Blissdom, an annual conference for bloggers. This year it was held in Dallas, not too far from Houston so I was able to drive up with a couple of friends for the three-day event.

One thing that is always a challenge for me when I travel is to eat well and stay on my fitness regimen. While I feel like it’s ok to take a break from time-to-time, I try to make the best food choices I can when away from home. I also feel better if I can get in some kind of physical activity when I’m away…especially when it’s for more than two days.

While I certainly didn’t lose any weight while I was gone, I’m happy to say that I also didn’t gain any. Here are some of the things I did to help keep me on the straight and narrow while I was away from home.

Vicki (Houston On The Cheap), Lisa (Milehimama), me, Renee (QPon Junkie) and Bobbie (Clumsy Crafter)

  1. Find someone who is watching what they eat to hang with. The fabulous crew of bloggers from Houston know that I’m trying to be good and were very supportive. They didn’t judge me when I decided to eat Lobster Ravioli, a decadent splurge but oh so worth it, for one meal and they helped me make good choices for other meals. One friend in particular is trying to shed a couple pounds so we helped each other (we even got oranges at Buc ee’s on the way home, yup!).
  2. Bring healthy snacks with you. I packed some breakfast bars, low calorie snacks and fruit in my day bag so when there wasn’t anything good to grab, I had an alternative handy.
  3. Make the best of meals served to you. At conferences many times meals are pre-selected and served to you or there is a buffet with a limited amount of choices. Whenever possible, I try to select lean protein and fruit. For breakfast one morning I ditched the pastries and muffins on the buffet line and selected a hard-boiled egg and fruit. For lunch they had boxed sandwiches. I selected the turkey but only ate a small bit of bread and skipped the condiments chips and cookie. 
  4. Limit sweets. For the love of sugar there were so many dessert opportunities at this conference my head was spinning. One booth had several jars of candy that you could scoop into a baggie and take with you. Another company offered an ice-cream sundae bar (a personal weakness of mine). During one break they even had homemade cookies as big as dinner plates. I just passed them up and busied myself with networking and other free booth opportunities like a 10-minute shoulder massage and having my make-up and fake eyelashes done at the One2One Network booth! Thankfully many companies offered other snacks like the yummy raisin and nut mix at the California Raisin booth. It was hard to say no to all the goodness and I did have a treat or two (hello, salted chocolate, I love you!) but I felt good that I didn’t over do it the entire time.  
  5. Dining out. I try to make the best choice I can with the menu I’ve got. I always look for grilled or steamed seafood as a good option. One evening I went out to eat with some of my fellow SeaWorld Ambassadors at Joe’s Crabshack where I got a crab steam pot. The next evening at a Mexican food restaurant in the hotel I ordered a shrimp taco off the menu (grilled shrimp on a corn tortilla with some salsa and lettuce) which is better choice than some of the other things on the menu (and cheaper, too!)
  6. Bring your work out gear.  I really enjoy working out  in the fitness room at hotels. If the facility I’m in doesn’t have one, I’ll walk the hotel stairs or run around the property. At this conference they offered a fitness class each morning hosted by Soybu workout clothes. It was hard to get up early and the workout was challenging but I felt good starting my day off right. Bonus - I made some connections with some fitness bloggers like Aliah - The Get Fit Diva and Stephanie - Food and Fitness 4 Real AND won a couple of cool workout clothing items from Soybu! Score!
  7. Burn calories during a fun activity. One evening we were treated to a private concert by Chris Mann (from The Voice) and Amber Riley (from Glee). After they left and the club opened up to the public, an 80’s cover band took the stage (Spazmatics). My friends and I got goofy and literally danced for hours.
  8. Get a good night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation was at the event and I learned that when you don’t get enough sleep it can actually negatively impact your ability to lose weight. I haven’t been sleeping well but I have a couple tips and products to try out thanks to this organization. I’ll be posting about my experience soon!
  9. Smile. It’s good for you! (Me and Debra -A Frugal Friend.)
What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?