Blogger Bash Coffee Talk #BBYNC


In a few days I’ll be headed to New York City for Blogger Bash! I’m very excited about all the fantastic brands and bloggers who are attending. It’s going to be an unbelievable couple of days and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

I love New York. I was born and raised upstate, but have been living in Houston since the 80’s. I love visiting the East Coast and I’m so excited to be traveling with Tanya this time. We only have three weeks until our triathlon, so we’ve planned a couple of Central Park runs while we are there. Since our trip is going to be pretty short, I promised her I wouldn’t go after my Life List item #18 , Audition for a Broadway Show. Instead, we are going to just see one!

Stephanie Glover, one of the fabulous folks helping to plan this event, has set up a blog link so participants can get to know each other before we arrive. So here goes….

1. Name
Jennifer Patrick

2. Where are you from?
Houston, Texas

3. How long have you been blogging?
About 4 years

4. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
I always say “I’m living the dream!” Sometimes I say it with sarcasm (when I’m cleaning up dog poop from the carpet) and sometimes I’m totally sincere (Disney with the family, 11 days in Paris and just playing at the pool with my kids!). When I turned 40 someone asked me how I felt. I said, “I’m STILL Living the Dream!”

5. What are you most looking forward to at Blogger Bash?
Meeting people! I love to visit with people and I can’t wait to see friends, meet fabulous bloggers and connect with awesome brands. And then there’s wine. I love wine.

6. What three words describe you the best?
Short (not tempered…literally short – I’m 4’10”!) , funny, energetic

7. Got kids? How many?
Yup – two of them! My son is 12 and my daughter is 8.

8. We all have a pet peeve. What is your #1?
I have a couple, but recently I watched someone clip her nails in the doctor’s waiting room. I’m going to go with that one. EWWWW!

9. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
There are so many people I’d like to visit with, but I’ve wanted to meet Meryl Streep since I was in high school theatre (#26 on my Life List!) She’s pretty awesome.

10. Show me your face!

(That’s me on the left and Tanya on the right!)





  1. 1
    Heather G says:

    I’m always joking around saying were “living the dream”:. Excited to meet you at Blogger Bash!

  2. 2
    Heather says:

    Your life list item #18 sounds like an exciting one! Which show are you going to see? I’m 1/2 thinking about one too!

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