Training for a Sprint Triathlon – This is not a Drill!


My sprint Tri is just 17 days away. On Labor Day morning, while others are packing up the mini van for a trip to the beach or the lake, I’ll be starting the first leg of my swim, bike, run event…and I’m nervous.

Setting the goal to participate in this event was a strategic one on my part in order to keep up with my weight loss and along the road to better health. I’m extremely goal-oriented and in order to continue incorporating exercise into my daily routine, making it a life-time behavior, I’ve been signing up for 5 and 10Ks. To shake things up a little during the summer, my friend Tanya and I decided to try a Tri.

I’ve never had swimming lessons and with no real road bike experience other than riding around on my mountain bike in the neighborhood with the kids, I knew training might be challenging. While the distance for each leg in a sprint Tri isn’t particularly long (the swim is 500 meters, the bike portion is 12 miles and the run is 3.1 miles) together  – it’s a significant endeavor.

Last night I rode 12 miles and struggled. It had been a bit since I had been on my bike. I’m still getting used to her, a beautiful, pre-owned Cervelo Tri bike that was a gift from an ultra-ironman triathlete who doesn’t even know me. There is a beautiful story here about the kindness and generosity of people, especially in this community, that I will share soon. I’m still too overwhelmed to put it into words.

My real weakness will be the swim. I’m basically teaching myself how to freestyle and figuring out the whole timing to breathing and stroking. All of my work has been in the pool but this race takes place in open water. This Sunday I’ll be trying it out for the first time and I know the experience will be different and difficult.

I worry about the unknowns like the open water swim and the two transitions the most. But when I doubt my ability, I repeat the mantra I’ve used since I started my weight loss journey a year ago…Be Brave, Be Fierce, Believe.

And I remind myself that I will not win this race, but I will finish. And that in itself is a victory.

Are you doing something outside your comfort zone? Do you set challenging goals to help keep you physically fit? Tell me about your exciting plans and if you have a mantra that gets you through the tough work-outs. 





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    Kristin says:

    Have I told you lately how lovely you look?


    Scratch that.

    You’ve always been lovely. But now there is a light in your eyes, a wee bit of confidence I didn’t see before, and something else I can’t put my finger on.


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