Getting Some Sleep With Technogel

The evening hangs beneath the moon
A silver thread on darkened dune
With closing eyes and resting head
I know that sleep is coming soon

Upon my pillow, safe in bed
A thousand pictures fill my head
I cannot sleep, my mind’s a-flight
And yet my limbs seem made of lead

If there are noises in the night
A frightening shadow, flickering light
Then I surrender unto sleep
Where clouds of dream give second sight

What dreams may come, both dark and deep
Of flying wings and soaring leap
As I surrender unto sleep,
As I surrender unto sleep.

Sleep by Charles Anthony Silvestri

Leaving Pop Century to catch the Magic Express back to the airport to go home.

Leaving Pop Century to catch the Magic Express back to the airport to go home.

I’m still in denial that my trip to Disney is over.

I keep waking up wondering why there’s no bus outside my room ready to whisk me away to the Magic Kingdom and perplexed because no one in Houston refers to me as princess. I also have the strange urge to trade pins with shop owners but all I get are blank stares from the folks at Barnes and Noble when I show them my laynard and ask them if they have any “Cindy’s” to trade.

Also – there needs to be a fast pass at the grocery store check-out line on Sunday.

Just saying.

One thing that IS good about being home is getting back to sleep with my Technogel pillow.

technogel pillow without cover

technogel pillow without cover

For the last month or so I’ve been sleeping on a Anatomic Technogel pillow for side/back sleepers. (They also offer three other types of pillows as well as a pillow and collar for travel.)

Before that…for longer than I care to admit, I had been sleeping on this “pillow”.


Very un-pillow looking, right?

Gee. I wonder why I wasn’t get a good night’s rest?

Weird. Doesn’t look very supportive, does it?

Sometimes you have to get to the point where you are almost never able to sleep to step away from the scenerio and see what  you are doing wrong. This pillow is all kinds of wrong. It was inexpensive…but not even worth the little money I spent on it.


The secret to Technogel is their patented gel that molds itself to each person’s different body structure. Unlike foam or memory foam, Technogel doesn’t get warm from the heat your body generates while you sleep. In fact, it actually feels cool due to its because unique thermal properties.

With my old pillow, I used to squash and fold my pillow a billion times throughout the night to try to get it to support my neck.

me on pillow collage

My technogel with cover

With Technogel I just lie down and relax. My neck is supported and feels so comfortable whether I’m on my back or side (I switch positions fairly often during the night). It’s crazy what a difference it makes!

Technogel is extremely durable and lasts much longer than the average pillow on the market. Covered by a three-year warranty, Technogel pillows aren’t ones you have to replace often.

Take the pillow challenge!

Are you sleeping on a pillow that is past it’s expiration date? Take this simple test; fold your pillow in half and see if it springs back to its original shape. If not, it’s time to get a new one.

I’m not sure what the original shape of my old pillow was. But there was no “springing” action of any kind when I folded it. It kind of just sat there. So sad!

Getting a comfortable pillow that supports the way I sleep has been a crucial component to my fight with insomnia. As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve started to change many things about my bedtime routine and behavior, the set-up of my room and the inclusion of items that help me sleep (and removal of things that don’t). In my first post, I shared information about the Dohm White Noise Maker that helps lull me to sleep by blocking irritating noises. (I hope it’s also helping the two lucky Still Living The Dream readers who recently won one to try themselves!) I can’t wait to hear how they are doing with it!

My new Technogel pillow is the second reason why I’m beginning to get a good night’s rest. While it’s disappointing (but understandable) that no one calls me princess since I got back from Disney, because of Technogel…at least I’m sleeping like one!


Do you sleep like a princess? What kind of pillow do you use and are you happy with the support it provides? If not, you should be! To find out where you can purchase a Technogel pillow, visit their store locator .

I received a Technogel pillow to review. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. 


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