Living The Dream on Your Summer Vacation

My kids get out of school for summer vacation in exactly one week.

That’s seven days.

168 hours.

I always have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I’m so ready to get a break from homework, school projects and extracurricular activities. With the break from early morning routines, carpool duty and PTO meetings comes much needed free-time.

But for a family that’s used to hitting it pretty hard…we don’t always do well with “time-off”. And I’m a work-at-home mom with a job that doesn’t stop when the school year does. So “juggling” activities for the kids with my own schedule can be challenging.

And by “juggling”, I mean:

1. holding the phone up to ear with my shoulder as I purse my lips, grit my teeth and mouth the words “Be quiet NOW!” as I try to conduct a conference call while my kids are watching Sponge Bob at level 10, fighting (because someone looked at someone else “funny”) and letting the dog loose to roam the neighborhood.

2. taking interview notes on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt with my kids running wildly with pizza in one hand and ticket and tokens flying out of the other because a source called me back while I was at Chuck E Cheese.

Plus, I always have the best intentions of doing fun things with the kids like taking them on a leisurely nature hike or a picnic…but I often forget about them or put them off for “tomorrow”.

Then before we know it we’re shopping for school supplies already.

But I’m more optimistic this year because I heard about the The Happy Family Movement and their Summer Bucket List Challenge, a “free , fun for all ages challenge based on a simple premise: time spent together as a family is time well spent.”


It’s like my life list only condensed into a three-month period of time and geared specifically towards spending time together as a family during the summer.

I’m super excited and signed up today. I heard that when you sign up, they’ll give you some resources to help you have fun together as a family including a guide with sample activities.

I can’t wait to get mine! In the mean-time, I’m going to plan a family meeting so we can brainstorm some ideas of our own and put them up in a visible place in the house so we can check them off as we go! (And I’ll be sure to share some of them here with you!)

How are you going to “live the dream” this summer with your kids?



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