Aerus Lux Guardian Air Purifier Review and Discount!

Life List #52 - Get my allergies under control

Ahhh, so cute, right? Not to me! I'm off the charts, highly allergic to this guy! (photo courtesy of flickr: admiller)

For more than 20 years, I’ve suffered from symptoms related to severe allergies. I’m pretty much allergic to everything out there: ragweed, oak, cats and dust….which makes the spring and fall months in Houston almost unbearable.

For a year now I’ve been getting weekly allergy shots and they’ve been helping…but I still have problems. What I didn’t realize until recently was how poor the air quality in my house was and what a difference it would make to get it corrected.

I was given the opportunity to “test drive” an Aerus Guardian Air Purifier last week for a couple of days. Before the air purifier was turned on, we measured  the amount of small and large particles (dust, dander, pollen, etc.) in the room. It was off the charts high.

So bad, I don’t even want to tell you the exact numbers.

air quality measurement tool that shows big and small particles in the air. See the number on the left? That's not good, folks.

What I didn’t realize is that energy-efficient homes actually trap pollutants. So many of the measures I’ve taken to make my home run efficiently is actually keeping that stuff circulating throughout the air.

After just about 15 minutes, the air quality in my room had improved DRASTICALLY (the air measured coming directly out of the purifier measured at 0).

What was interesting was that after walking across the room or vacuuming, then sitting down for a minute, I watched the quality monitor show the amount of particles in the air rise and then settle back down as the purifier cleaned it out. It was fascinating to literally watch the numbers go down as the air was purified by the machine.

Air quality measurement tool readings when held up to the air coming out of the purifier. BIG difference! Clean air!

Some of the facts about the Guardian Air and my experience:

1. It has 4 Stages of Filtration: Ion generator, UV light with titanium dioxide, carbon and Waterproof HEPA filtration which filters and purifies without adding anything to the air.

Inside air purifier machine

2. The filter only needs to be replaced once a year. (After I used it for several days I could “see” the filter clogged with what was in my air - but you just vacuum it out and you’re good to go.)

3. It purifies 2,000 square-feet , turning the air seven times in one hour (thereby working MUCH harder than I do!!!) on the high setting (which wasn’t very loud….the unit actually served as white noise that helped me drift off to sleep at night!)

While I haven’t been suffering from upper respiratory issues like a stuffed up nose, post nasal drip, cough, etc. within the last couple of weeks so I couldn’t judge whether the purifier would make an instant difference with alleviating these, my friend who has a son with severe asthma told me this purifier has been a life changer for them. He no longer coughs all night or needs ANY of the medications that he previously took to stay symptom-free.

4. It’s Energy Star Certified (requires no more power to run than an average light bulb - (I kept this thing on 24/7 for several days in a row!)

5. Removes odors from the air. Normally when I vacuum I smell my dog (I suppose from kicking up stuff into the air from the carpet.) When I vacuumed in my room with the air purifier going…no smell!!!

6. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine. It dawned on me while I was using the purifier that the air the CPAP is forcing into my lungs and opening my airway is the quality it of whatever air is currently circulating in my room. Surely the cleaner this air is the better it will be for me and my allergies?!! D’uh - right?!

The maker of this purifier has been around since 1924 and the Lux Guardian Air purifier has been recognized by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device. As such, it’s often recommended by doctors and many of their customers have been successful in getting the cost covered by insurance. But even for those that don’t, I hear that SOME people have been able to get reimbursed by their medical flex account and many more people use the medical device status as a tax break. filters and purifies without adding anything to the air

How About a Deal?

Make no mistake about it, these machines are an investment…but because I’m pretty impressed, I wanted to know how I could score one for myself AND my Still Living The Dream readers at a discount. After all,  it’s pretty hard to live your dream when you can’t breathe! (And mama likes to save money!)

Great news! If you call 713-898-4245 or email BEFORE May 31, 2012, and mention that you heard about it from me - you can save 25 percent off the price of the purifier AND they’ll pay for the sales tax!!!

Starting June 1, 2012, you can get 20 percent off the purifier…still not too shabby!

You can learn more about the company and purifiers here, but in order to get your discount, you have to contact the number or email above!


How do you handle living the dream with allergies? Do you use an air purifier?

Disclaimer: I was loaned a Lux Guardian Air Purifier to use for several days at no cost for review purposes. I cried a little when it left…but I plan on getting one for myself soon!



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    helen jane blowers says:

    I have been using the Aerus lux guardian thing for 6 months now and I am sorry to report I don’t really see any improvement with my allergies. They came and did the particle test and I was desperate for results due to my chronic cough and either stuffy or runny nose. I spent or am spending a small fortune on this. I was really hoping for better results ! sorry :((


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