Living The Dream In My New Apron

I’m a “pile” girl. You know - piles of bills, piles of clothes, piles of toys (and because I work at home) piles of project related stuff.

Sorta like “stacks”.

Except less dangerous.

So I’m at work this morning at my dining room table making my through one work related “pile” and I kept glancing back to my Christmas craft stuff “piles”.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of work this month and so happy! But a little bit of me aches when I see my glue gun and mod podge just sitting there without anything to stick together. Unfulfilled.

So I gave myself a mini deadline (write one more sentence then take a break - very attainable) and then put the work pile aside and got on my new apron.

Which made me really excited because How STINKIN’ cute am I in this apron?!!!

Aprons are fabulous when you think about them. They keep you tidy, make you look thinner (hello? two please!) and keep everything you need close by (well - if your apron is super cool with pockets like mine is).

I got my apron at They have all sorts of styles and colors available and they are very inexpensive. You’ll see that they cater a lot to the food industry because (obviously) a lot of people who cook and serve food wear aprons (and they carry caps, shirts and other chef apparel, too) BUT aprons aren’t just for cooking!

Think painting, glueing, gardening, spraying, dabbing, cuting…lots of messy activities.

I’m also totally wearing mine at next year’s community garage sale and I think it will be great for wearing up at school when I work on PTO stuff. And they do carry art smocks - but I love aprons…even when I’m doing art!

The kids aprons are so sweet and only $4.05 each. I’m thinking about getting them for Annie’s next birthday party to wear while we do our project then they can take them home as a party favor. Cute?!

Aprons and does embroidery, too so you can get “Still Living The Dream” sewn on your apron in different colors of threads and in different fonts. I mean, they’ll write other stuff, too - but you should totally get a “Still Living The Dream” one I think.

I mean…it works. No matter what you are doing (cleaning the garage - not fun) or making snowflake garland (fun) you can say, “I’m living the dream!” just with a different tone of voice.

Because sarcasm is needed for the first scenerio.

Unless you like cleaning the garage.

Which is weird but I’m not here to judge.

I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without a “Still Living The Dream” branded pink apron. Wearing it, I’m already happier.

I’m working on some decoration ideas I got from my friend Margie Romney-Aslett. I recently took her Spark Your Christmas class online and its full of all kinds of homemade goodness. Check it out! It’s not too late to get your glue gun on! Just get your cute apron, first Ya’ll!

Music note covered clothespins for attaching tags to gifts.

Glittery foam snowflakes to use as decoration in your home and on presents.

These went to my super-cute and the most wonderful, bestest grandma in the world in New York!

I received an apron to review from Aprons & but no other compensation was received. All opinions and thoughts are my own… and quite frankly - they are sometimes scary! 






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    marci says:

    what a great product!! love that and yes you do look fabulous in it.:D

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