Man’s Best Friend Deserves A Beautiful Collar

Sadie with Annie in 2006

I never had a pet growing up, so when my husband and I adopted our little dog, Sadie, from the Citizens for Animal Protection 16 years ago – it was a big deal. We fell in love with her the minute we saw her. She is a beautiful border collie, sheltie mixed breed and when she looked up at us that day, well – we melted.

Sadie has been with us through thick and thin. She’s lived in three different homes with us, was there when we brought both of our babies (now 10 and 5 years old) home from the hospital and has loved us unconditionally…even when life got so busy that long walks to the park became less frequent.

I love my dog so much. I know that she won’t be with us forever and even though she’s got a lot of spunk left in her for an old gal, I can certainly tell she’s slowing down. It’s hard for her to see, she can’t jump up on the coach or go upstairs anymore and she walks a bit slower. But she’s happy and I’m so thankful for every day we have with our sweet Sadie Lady.

I was brushing Sadie the other day and realized that she’s had the same collar for a LONG time. Unacceptable! Really, a collar is the only way a doggie can can glam it up!  I looked for one at the local pet store, but they were all kinda…boring. So I looked online and found a great website, Dog Collars Boutique, that has a ton of great pet collars…so many that I had a hard time deciding which one to select. They have everything from bling to “rock star” leather style collars to subtle solid color canvas collars in all sizes and price ranges. Collars with spikes, crystals and beads. Preppy-style argyle print collars, personalized collars and 60’s style flower-power collars.

Sadie Lady has simple taste and so I decided on a simple but beautiful pink, round-rolled leather collar by Auburn Leathercrafters. These collars are perfect for long-haired dogs because the round shape helps prevent tangled and matted fur around the dog’s neck. Which is good for Sadie because her hair is so long you can barely even see her collar!

My order shipped quickly and when the package arrived, it was wrapped up so cute in paw print tissue!

In addition to dog collars, they also carry cat collars, dog training collars and organic dog toys.

Me and Sadie...9/12/11

Sadie loves her new collar and I love that I did something nice for her. I think it’s time for a nice, long, (albeit slow) walk to the park. Just me and Sadie!

I was given a collar to review by Dog Collar’s Boutique but wasn’t otherwise compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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