Fashion Minded Children or What My Kids Wore Today

circa 2005

Both my kids have a unique sense of style. In pre-school, Jackson alternated his wardrobe each day between spider-man and super-man PJs… both with detachable capes. He single-handedly got “costumes” banned from that school.

When he was a little older (and at another preschool) his go-to outfit was a Buzz Lightyear costume with mer-man googles and cowboy boots.

There was no doubt the child dressed himself and so I didn’t have any problem letting him express himself.

Annie’s different. She chooses clothes that could kind of go together if you squinted one eye and tilted your head to the left. A purple skirt with different color purple top. Long sleeves in the hot, Houston weather. Spaghetti straps in the dead of winter. When she expresses herself it looks as if her mother (me) doesn’t have a sense of style (or a firm grasp on the weather du’jour).

Annie’s now five and Jackson is almost 10 and today we went to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned and checked. Jackson was wearing X-box PJ bottoms (what is WITH him and PJ’s?!!) and a blue and green tie-dye shirt he made himself. Annie had on a floral top with an entirely different floral pattern skirt. Both wore crocs that seemed to have seen their better days.

In the chair our dentist (LOVE her) said, “wow. you look…..comfortable” to Jackson and “look at you, sweetie….those are really….pink? crocs” to Annie.

I made a mental note to start doing a wardrobe check before we leave the house.

And the cold-hard truth is…summer break is almost over and they’ll be going back to school before I know it. That means we have some SERIOUS work to do.

I’m going to have to go through dresser drawers and closets to get rid of what doesn’t fit or doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Houston to “pass” the newly instituted AM wardrobe checks.

I’m going to have to host a series of mini-seminars  for Annie entitled “Make florals your friends…pick one bouquet type and STOP” and “You can love all colors and not wear them all at once” and “Weather and sleeve types…make them match”.

And Jackson and I are going to have a sit down, man-to-mama talk about PJ’s.

I want them to still be able to express their own personal style…just with a few….er perimeters. I fully realize I’ll have to compromise during the process. I have a feeling Annie is going to put a halt on anything “gingham” or “smocked” or (this is tearing my heart out as I type it) “monogrammed”. She’s five, after-all and starting kindergarten in September. She’s had her own sense of style before she could talk and she’s never liked any of the cutie-patootie outfits that I picked out for her. But I will stand my ground on matching. And coordination. And sleeve appropriateness.

And mid-fall I will walk the elementary school halls proudly to parent/teacher conferences to find out what changes have been made to the school’s dress code in the name of my children’s style and comfort.

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