Is There Blue Cotton Candy in Heaven?

photo courtesy of flickr: mel_rowling

The other day my family and I were driving to get some dinner. I was wiped out from a week of work and kid’s activities. (Plus, you know, it takes a lot of effort to walk OVER the mounds of laundry yet to be done.) We were just driving along when Annie, my spirited five-year-old, declared…

“Mommy - God is bigger than anything.”

Proud of her grasp on how God’s love surrounds us and happy that I decided to send her to VBS the previous week (it was obviously soaking in…I’m such a great parent) I said, “Yes, sweetie. He is.”

“Bigger than a tree?”

Oh - I guess she means literally BIG. Maybe she’s not as philosophical as I thought.

(Me) “Yes - much bigger.”
(Annie) “Bigger than a house?”
(Me) “You bet, honey. Bigger than we can imagine.”
(Annie) “Bigger than a hotel?”

I paused. Was she talking a Motel 6 or more like that ginormous, all-inclusive resort in Cancun that was featured on Groupon last week? The one that I wanted to go to but Ed said no. That place was massive.

“Yes, bigger than a hotel, Annie.”

“Bigger than a….”

I stopped her short. I knew where this was going. Annie could play this game all night.

(Me) “Annie, God is not so much BIG as He is everywhere…so in a sense, he is bigger than life. You know?”

Ed looked over at me and smiled. He was enjoying my inability to satisfy her questions and was clearly letting me fly solo. Yet she seemed pacified and moved on.

“Are there toys in heaven?”

Oh no.

(Me) “No sweetie, no toys. We don’t need them in heaven.”
(Annie) “Then what do you do all day?”
(Me) “Well - you are just surrounded by the love around you. You don’t need things.”

Now Ed decides to add his two cents. “Sounds like some kind of hippy heaven.”

Very funny.

(Annie) “Do they have bedrooms in Heaven?”
(Me) “No. I don’t think so.”

So here’s the deal. I don’t really have a grasp on Heaven myself. Heaven is better than you can imagine, right? But what is it exactly? It’s hard for me to get my arms around it and I’m forty. How can I explain it to a five-year-old?

(Annie)”Will there be people I know there?”
(Me) “No.”
(Annie) “Fire?”
(Me) “No.”
(Ed) “Well then how do they make S’mores?”

I’m going to have words with Ed later.

(Annie) “Well how about blue cotton candy?”

Now I’m laughing hysterically because I’m so tired physically and emotionally from this conversation and I’m picturing God standing in front of a cotton candy maker with a white stick twirling it around with blue and pink cotton candy in his hair.

“Annie, do you LOVE blue cotton candy?”
“Yes - I LOVE it!”
“Then, yes…there is blue cotton candy in Heaven.”

Annie sat back in her seat and smiled and we were through.

I can’t wait for the “Where did I come from?” conversation.



  1. 1
    Julie says:

    I absolutely love this story! And I can see the grin on Ed's face as he "contributes" to this conversation… I think you need to borrow the "Mother of the Year" necklace for awhile. :)

  2. 2
    Nicki Woo says:

    You crack me up!


    Atleast the heaven I'm going to. I just tell my kids Heaven is whatever the most special place is that you can imagine. Times 50 gazillion. Then, the math ties them up, and they are super duper confused.

    Where do children come from? Already been answered over here at the Woo's. A "hole" I said, and I told them where. They were good with that.

  3. 3
    Thomas says:

    To be honest I can’t see why there wouldn’t be toys in Heaven. They’re part of many childeren’s personality (well…some adults as well). Most of us reckon Mozart could compose music in Heaven, right? And that Da Vinci might paint? Why not have toys…(or blue candy!)…if that is a ‘love’? The only no, no is if said person only wishes material goods out of greed, possession or power over others. Other than that, I’d say YES there are toys or, if not, something just as pleasing. Remember that Heaven is full of love (yes, I suppose that IS kinda hippy) and we love people for who they are, what their personality is into and if you took away their keenist desires (so long as they’re not for something evil) you would be a) taking away something God equipped them with b) lose what made them them in the first place.

    What a hell Heaven would be if we became ‘love robots’ rather than, what we will be…loving PEOPLE. Not only that but GOD’S people. Personally I’m a 22 year old who never grew up…so I really hope there are toys in Heaven!

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