Life List #52 - Get My Allergies Under Control

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So you might be wondering how I’m doing on that Life List. I’m happy to report…I’m working on it. Actually, I’ve made a couple of bold steps and I thought I’d share them with you!

Here’s the lowdown on Life List #52 - Get My Allergies Under Control.

I’ve suffered from seasonal allergies ever since I moved to Houston in the 80’s. As an adult, they’ve gotten worse and worse. Currently, I suffer from “fall” allergies from September to November and “spring” allergies from March to June.

Enough. Is. Enough.

For years I’ve wanted to get tested but was afraid. Today, my dear blogger friends. I did it. But alas, a mere trip to the doctor’s office is rarely just that with me. Come on. You know me better then that. Where’s the fun without the drama?!

I made today’s allergy testing appointment about a month ago. After dropping off the kids in carpool - I drove to my appointment but because of a car accident (that I never even saw) I was delayed 30 minutes and therefore 10 minutes late to my appointment. When I checked in the person at the front was on the phone and gave me the pointer finger to let me know to hold on when I started to ask her a question (or maybe she thought I was number 1 - but I’m pretty sure she meant to wait until she was good and ready to deal with me.) Twenty minutes later when she hung up and looked at the clipboard she called me up to tell me that I needed to reschedule because I was way too late.

Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Well - you can almost imagine the heated discussion that ensued (before I started bawling because I was slightly emotional about the fact that I was getting ready to have 40 shots to begin with). They let it slip that the doctor was actually late and their schedule had gotten backed up. And then they let it slip that their policy was to make patients reschedule if 15 or more minutes late (I was only 10 minutes).

Once I get geared up in my mind to do something (mind you, I’ve wanted to get tested for about 10 years now) I want to do it right there and then. So when they offered me an appointment at their other location in The Woodlands which was about 30 minutes away as a peace offering…I took it.

I had a nice drive to get myself calmed down and I’m happy to report that the person at that office checked me right in and the allergy nurse took me right back and we had a gay ol’ time (well, as fun as getting 40 shots can be). Actually - she was very, very nice. I’m wondering if the Memorial City location told them that a “crazy, emotional lady was on her way in and to treat her with kid gloves.”

I hope so.

So I’m happy to report I now know what I’m allergic to. Everything. Well  - everything except cockroaches, dogs, horses and mold. But especially cats, oak trees and ragweed. So I’ve got that going for me. Tomorrow I’m going to let you know exactly what takes place during allergy testing. Just in case you are out there and nervous and wondering what it’s like. I’ve even got pictures. And I’m going to take you with me to my first appointment and treatments thereafter (haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.)

Photo courtesy of Flickr - KevinDooley

And I AM going to get my allergies under control.



  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Lucy sez "meow" :)
    The bad news weekly allergy shots- the good news after 6 years of allergy shots my cat will be able to sleep on your head under an oak tree.

  2. 2
    Boutte Clan says:

    Ahh, you can do it!!! I've never had to go through it personally, but have held Meg while she went through it twice and while hers are strictly food (so no shots), it wasn't all that bad. We'll have to go o through it again with AJ as we know at this point that its at least tree nuts and dairy and other things that we can't pinpoint yet. Also, sounds like you just had an off day with Texas ENT, I've been to three offices (including Memorial City and being late due to car accidents) with multiple docs for my myriad of hearing issues and have been thrilled with them. Hopefully, the remainder of your experiences on this journey of accomplishing this one are easy peasy!

  3. 3
    Karen says:

    What an ordeal! But, now you know what else you're allergic to and can start to feel better. I'll admit I was really skeptical when Kaitlyn started allergy shots but she has survived the seasons so much better. And you can do the shots; the needles are REALLY small.

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