Easter Is Coming…Say Cheese!

Me (in the pink coat) and my sister in matching Easter outfits - circa 1970’s

Easter is coming and I’m excited. Sure there’s the candy, and the egg hunt and the candy and the Easter basket and the candy and the ham dinner at noon (which, by the way, is the same time the “crash and burn” period occurs following the 8:00 a.m. consumption of the entire 2-foot solid chocolate bunny.) I should specify here. It’s my crash and burn I speak of - not the kids. They can go all day on a sugar bender. To be young again. Sigh.
It’s all good.

But the best thing about the hoopla surrounding what is first and foremost a wonderful celebration in the Christian religion is my uncontrollable urge to dress my kids in matching outfits.

My five-year-old daughter, Annie, is ok with it.
My nine-year-old son…Jackson, not so much.

I feel like I’m a pretty easy-going mom regarding clothing choices. I let Jackson wear his superman pjs with detachable cape and his buzz lightyear costume with cowboy boots and mer-man goggles to preschool when he wanted. And if Annie thinks pink, red and orange go together - well then, God Bless her. I don’t get bent out of shape.

Except on Easter.

I’m a sucker for anything smocked, seersuckerd or monogrammed. And I think I have royal blood because I go coo-coo for white gloves, wide brimmed hats and patent leather shoes.

I’ve already purchased this year’s wardrobe and I feel like I’ve been considerate of the fact that Jackson is getting up there in age. Annie will have a blue and navy dress with full on tulle petticoat while Jackson will done a simple yet elegant matching pair of Bermuda shorts and polo shirt. I mean, if they get separated at church - strangers will know that they “go together” but I don’t think there will be any long-lasting emotional scars to speak of 10 to 15 years down the road.

Besides, I think I’ve earned one good sibling portrait a year where both kids look decent and color coordinate. Just one photo where Jackson isn’t wearing a “I’m the coolest person I know” t-shirt with camouflage pants and Annie doesn’t have on a Dora floral shirt and Minnie Mouse striped shorts.

I just want to see my kids looking clean and pressed and proper.

Or maybe it’s because my mom made me and my sister wear matching sailor dresses on Easter until I was 15.

My sister: “How many more years do we have to wear matching outfits on Easter?”
Me: “Forever. But we’ll have our own kids one day and revenge will be ours!”

I don’t know.

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    Karen says:

    I love this post! I wish my 2 daughters would still let me dress them…… :(

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