Searching for a Zhu Zhu

So I called Toys R Us today and the gal told me new trucks come in everyday this week and to check back to see if a Zhu Zhu pet was in the shipment. “We have no way of knowing.”

I don’t get this at all. I mean, I don’t have any experience in retail - but if I bought stuff for my store - if I owned one - I would probably be aware of what I was ordering and getting. I guess the big chains are held captive by their main distribution center. Ugh.

So I’m adding a daily phone call to Toys R Us to my “to do” list.

Good news, though. I was in a smaller chain store this morning getting some things for my kids for St. Nicholas Day in early December and I saw a sign, “Zhu Zhu pets are coming!” They were taking email addresses and promise to email me when the shipment comes in. Sounds a little promising.

On to my daughter’s Thanksgiving luncheon at her pre-school in just a little bit. I’ll be back with Zhu Zhu and other news soon……



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    LindaD says:

    and the saga continues. May the force be with you.

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