My search for a Zhu Zhu Pet - Let the Holiday Madness Begin!

Well - this year’s official, impossible-to-find gift for the little girl in your life has been named. Let the mad hunt for the Zhu Zhu pet begin.

The commercials for these little furry bundles of hamster fun have been on for months. So when my almost 4-year-old daughter screamed “I want one!” back in June, I told her to put it on her list. I didn’t panic - I mean, she screams “I want one” after just about every commercial. So on the list it went along with everything Strawberry Shortcake.

In case you don’t know what a Zhu Zhu pet is, (because you don’t have a little girl to buy for this year OR you live a life free from the pressures of the toy company giants) they are little furry hamsters - 4 of them - who scurry around with a mind of their own throughout mazes and houses which can be purchased separately. Of course.

So it’s November now and I haven’t started my Christmas shopping (never do) and I’m at my daughter’s end-of-season soccer party and I hear one of the moms talking to another one of the moms.

“So my sister found FIVE at Target - just stumbled upon them - and of course bought them all!”

I was intrigued. Anything having to do with shopping intrigues me. I have a bit of a shopping problem which deserves it’s own blog post - so I’ll continue.

“Hey Marci, whatcha talkin’ about?”

“Why the Zhu Zhu pets, of course. They are IMPOSSIBLE to find.”


“What do you mean, ‘impossible to find?’ Like - ‘sometimes they don’t have them in stock so come back in a few days - no problemo ‘or like ‘I’m driving around town between now and December 24th running over other thirty-something mommies and chasing the UPS truck to Toys R Us at 4:00 in the morning?’

“The last one.”


So I pop into Walmart and Target today to see, maybe Marci is crazy and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Turns out Marci is spot on. Target had a sign covering several empty shelves which read, “due to the high demand and low supply - please limit your purchase to 4 Zhu Zhu pets, please.” Wal-mart had the same said empty shelves and when I asked the gal in the toy department when the next shipment was coming in she laughed and said “the warehouse doesn’t even HAVE them.”

So all of a sudden I’m Arnold Swartznegger in Jingle All the Way searching for the elusive Turbo Man doll so his kid isn’t permanently scarred by the disappointment on Christmas morning.

Admittedly - my desire at this point to SCORE a Zhu Zhu pet slightly outweighs my daughter’s desire to get one. But GAME ON!



  1. 1
    Karen says:

    That's hilarious! And I seem to remember running all over Houston LAST year, hopping curbs & running over people looking for a Wii for you…..

  2. 2
    Samantha Laury says:

    Zhu Zhu pets are an ideal gift — they're as cute as hamsters, you don't have to feed them and there's no messy clean-up

  3. 3
    Agnes and Co. - All Things Home says:

    Did you find one? and Where? I'm still looking too!

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