Invisalign: An Alternative to Metal Braces

This post is sponsored by Invisalign. All thoughts, opinions (and desire for straight teeth!) are my own. 

Yesterday I wrote about how we are keeping our gums and teeth healthy and that Jackson was getting his top four metal braces off (phase one of his treatment). All went well at his visit and he is enjoying his smile without metal braces for the first time in a six months!

before and after braces

The first photo was taken at Disney World last week with his metal braces still on and the second was taken today with them off. He is clearly a handsome guy in both photos, but his orthodontist said he will definitely need a full set of braces in about a year.

While Jackson didn’t really mind the top four braces to straighten his front teeth, I’m worried about the next step. A full set of metal braces will make eating significantly more difficult and frequent visits that will surely be more painful.

Jenn 6th grade still living the dream

When I was in 6th grade, I clearly needed braces (and a serious style consultation!) A crowded top row caused two of my front  teeth to stick out as if I had fangs and I remember being occasionally teased and frequently embarrassed by my vampire-like smile.

Unfortunately braces weren’t something my family was able to afford and frankly, I wasn’t that upset. Friends of mine that had metal braces to straighten their teeth were always teased about them. They frequently complained about them being extremely painful and were frustrated by how they limited what they could eat.

I still have a pretty crowded top row of teeth and while my two front “fangs” have settled down a bit since adolescence, I’m always aware that they are there and still hang on to lack of confidence in my appearance that started when I was young.

I recently learned more about Invisalign as a clear alternative to metal braces (for both pre-teens/teens AND adults).

I’m intrigued.

invisalign trays with tagline

Invisalign are removable, lightweight plastic aligners that sit smoothly on teeth for a comfortable fit. They are just as effective as traditional metal braces and are fast becoming a popular choice for teens and grown-ups alike. I visited the Invisalign website to learn about this clear alternative to braces.

Why I like the Invisalign option and will be considering them for both my son and myself:

  • Aligners are almost invisible and can be removed so you can eat, brush and floss normally.
  • Typically this option requires fewer and shorter office visits then metal braces.
  • You can start to see results in just 90 days.

More than two million people have gotten Invisalign treatment since it was introduced so I took a short, online Invisalign smile assessment to see if Invisalign would be worth investigating for Jackson and me.

I think Jackson will like Invisalign Teen because he will be starting band in 6th grade in the fall and some wind instruments are challenging to play with metal braces. With Invisalign, he can take out the liner while playing his instrument, especially during a performance.

He’s also very active in sports and some kids with metal braces have gotten pretty cut up when a wayward soccer ball or baseball hit their mouth.

For the first time I am also considering corrective treatment for myself because of the process they use to make the aligners. They use digital imaging instead of the goopy-goo dental impression “tray method”. For a person with the gift of gab and a voice that projects (a talk a lot and can be loud!) I have a really small mouth and dental visits are always an anxiety filled experience for me. I gag while getting almost any dental procedure done and molds filled with gel they use for crowns are a nightmare for me. With the iTero wand, an orthodontist experienced with Invisalign can obtain precise 3D imagery to create customized aligners.

I love this!

Unfortunately, many of my friends have initially been told by their orthodontist that Invisalign is not right for them or their child but then they found out later that they were indeed good candidates. To be informed of all your options and to make the best decision about what course of treatment is best for you; I’ve learned that it’s best to visit a doctor that is able to provide both traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Not all dentists and orthodontists are certified Invisalign providers. To find an Invisalign provider near you, visit the Invisalign doctor locator.

Do you have experience with Invisalign or Invisalign Teen? What do you think about this alternative to metal braces?

Thank you SITS Girls and Invisalign for sponsoring this post which allowed me to share valuable information about a clear alternative to braces with my readers!


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