Allergy Control with Aerus Lux Guardian Air Purifier

I had so much fun recently at Disney World. While there, I noticed that just one thing was missing.

My sniffles.

Maybe it was all that Disney Magic and Pixie Dust…but a week in Florida and I was symptom-free.

I’m back in Texas now…suffering from post-vacation blues AND sinus pressure. Clearly, I’m allergic to Houston!

Starting with the big, ol’, beautiful oak tree in my front yard, I have several environmental allergies I’m trying to contend with. Getting my allergies under control, #52 on my Life List, has been something I’ve been working on for several years now with weekly allergy shots. They are helping, but I still suffer from sinus pressure, congestion and other symptoms.

StillLivingTheDream Aerus LuxGuardian

Almost exactly a year ago, I did a review of the Lux Guardian Air Platinum air purifier by Aerus. It has been proven to be a really good solution for dealing with pollen and other allergens we track in from the outside in addition to the dust in the air. I was sad to give it back when my review ended. As I mentioned, it’s definitely an investment in your health. I’m starting to see that it might be a good one for me to make.

I called Nancy to see if any changes had been made to the unit since I last got to try it out. She said it got a spiffy makeover with a new stainless steel outside cover but while it looks cooler, it still works the same. Aerus (started as Electolux) has been helping people eliminate household dust, mold spores, pollen and pet dander since 1924.

How the Lux Guardian works:

  • Airborne particles enter the unit by the UV lamp.
  • UV light strikes the titanium dioxide coated particle filter creating a photo-catalytic oxidation reaction.
  • Ion brushes enrich the air with negative ions.
  • The HepaSilent particle filter traps microscopic particles while allowing pure air to pass through.
  • A powerful motor pulls the newly cleaned air out of the Guardian Air.
  • Clean air is reintroduced into the room.

What I like about it:

  • It’s Energy Star Certified – using 23 to 80 watts…no more than a lightbulb. I can run the machine all day!
  • It’s made to last but comes with a one year warranty just in case!
  • It’s easy to use and the filter only needs to be changed every year.
  • It covers up to 2,000 square feet.
  • It’s recognized by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device and recommended by doctors

A friend of mine has the air purifier swears by it. Her son suffered from asthma for several years and after just a short time using the Lux Guardian air filtration system, he is now completely symptom-free and off medication. Impressive!

 StilLivingTheDream LuxAngel

They also make a smaller purifier called the Lux Guardian Angel which is perfect for a bedroom. The filter on this purifier only needs to be replaced every three to five years. I like that this one has a place to add essential oils which makes the room smell pretty while it’s cleaning the air.

If you want to learn more about the company and air purifier you can visit Aerus but for special pricing and details, be sure to contact Nancy at 713-898-4245 or email

Do you suffer from allergies? What do you do to ease symptoms?

I used a loaner Lux Guardian air filtration system for several weeks in order to review the product to see if I wanted to purchase it. I did not receive any compensation for this post.


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