Countdown to Christmas – Making Sweet Treats for Friends

There are just 15 days until Christmas and in the word’s of Clark W. Griswold, I was having ” a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency…”

  1. I still have Christmas presents to buy for almost everyone on my list.
  2. My Christmas cards are sitting in a stack on my counter waiting patiently to be addressed, stamped and mailed.
  3. I have the supplies for Christmas crafts and inside decorations gathered, but untouched and Clark would shudder at the lack of any sort of exterior illumination on the outside of our house.

Yeah, Christmas kinda snuck up on me this year. Can anyone else relate?

BUT – our Christmas tree is up and we finally got the hole in the ceiling from the pipe leak we experienced the day before Thanksgiving patched.

So with a renewed sense of hope, I woke up inspired the other morning after looking at the Kid’s Kitchen section on Imperial Sugar’s website. I decided to put all the other holiday “have-tos” on hold and get in the holiday spirit by making some sweet treats for my neighbors with Annie.

Not wanting to bite off more than I could chew or frustrate Annie who knows her way around the kitchen but is still just six…I picked an easy project that wouldn’t require hot stoves or ovens.

We decided to decorate sugar cubes and wrap them up with some hot beverage mixes in a holiday mug to give to those in our neighborhood who we feel need a little holiday cheer.

All we needed to make them was cookie icing, Imperial Sugar Cubes and assorted holiday sprinkles. Easy-peasy!

After warming up the icing in the microwave, Annie and I dipped the top of cubes in the icing and then put different candy toppings/sprinkles on them like candy canes, holly, Christmas trees and snowflakes. (After a bit, the icing dries on the cubes and holds the sprinkles in place.)


Annie had to take a couple of  “quality control” breaks and I’m happy to report, they passed the taste test!

The great thing about this project is that you can’t mess it up…anything goes so it’s perfect for kids to do and therapeutic for stressed-out adults! Look at the level of concentration going on!

After about 30 minutes playing with Annie in the kitchen I started to feel the stress melt away. We giggled a lot and had a contest to see who could get the most decorations on one sugar cube. (Annie won!) And when we were done, we had this plate of goodness.

These decorated cubes are perfect for your holiday tea or coffee and look great set out by the coffee pot at a holiday get together. We packaged them up along with some tea, coffee and cocoa mixes. And feeling like they needed a little something extra, I later made some homemade, corn-syrup free orange, mint and gingerbread marshmallows (soooo good!) which were also all on Imperial Sugar’s website. How cute will these be to deliver to our neighbors this weekend?

For more ideas about edible projects you can make with your kids, check out Imperial’s Kid’s Kitchen.

Lesson learned. When you get cooking with your kids, you’ll likely end up making more than something good to eat. Annie and I made some great memories. And those will last way longer than any twinkling lights or Christmas cards!

This post was sponsored by Imperial Sugar. All thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own. 



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