Sugar Winners Are So Sweet!

Seriously – I love my readers.

Every single one of you.

I loved hearing about who you are all going to Bake It Forward to.

Here’s who won (selected by…because I certainly couldn’t pick one of you above the other. You are all rock stars!

  1. Mariah – who is baking Halloween goodies for her father-in-law…decorated by her kids.
  2. Ryan – who is tying on his apron and getting his two kids busy mixing up goodies for grandma (who always bakes for everyone else!)
  3. Marina – who is baking for the volunteer team at a local home for abused kids.
  4. Kristen – who is baking for the family of a friend who recently passed away.
  5. Sara – who already Baked It Forward to her local fire station. Now she wants to bake again…this time for the local police station!
Check your emails and send me your address so I can get those vouchers out to you right away! Happy Baking!!

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