Remember 9/11

We are writing history.

What kind of lessons will future generations learn from the decisions we make today?

Like most people, I woke up this morning remembering where I was eleven years ago today. Just weeks away from my first child’s due date, I watched the horrific events unfold on television with my colleagues at work. I recall feeling panicked…would I be able to properly protect my sweet baby in this world?

Sixteen days later I held Jackson in my arms for the first time and knew that I couldn’t imagine a world without him. And that as his mother, I would do my best to raise him well. I was struck then with the awesome responsibility of being a parent and it hit me again this morning.

During this politically charged season filled with daily debates from those running in the election (and even more from those watching them), I vow to make a difference at home.

Because while I’m not leading a country or even a company, I am raising a family. A job with significant importance. And just like our country’s leaders, the decisions I make today will most certainly have an impact on the future.

Where were you on 9/11?

What decisions are you making today that will last a lifetime?




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    Karen says:

    Kaitlyn was 11 months old and I had just put her down for a morning nap. My dad called and asked if I was watching TV (I wasn’t). He said to turn on the TV and call him back. I just sat down and watched in total amazement as our country changed forever.

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