What’s for Dinner, HEB?

Things have gotten seriously out of control around here vis a vis meal times. It’s been a “I’m blessed and have a had a lot of freelance work come my way” kinda week. Which usually comes along with the game “Let’s get creative with what food we already have in the house.”

My family does NOT like this game.

In their defense, there’s not a lot you can do with a bottle of ketchup, a bottle of syrup and a jar of mayo.

So I may have cried just a little (in joy) when I got my HEB package today…filled with some of their newest Primo Picks (unique, one-of-a-kind finds that they offer their customers).

As I unpacked each item and gently put it aside, Ed asked me, tentatively (because I’ve been a little jumpy lately….too much caffeine, not enough sleep), what was wrong.

“Nothing is wrong, Ed. Everything is very, very right! Look at this stuff!”

And he said…”Let me get this straight – you are crying…over pasta?

“It’s not pasta, it’s nourishment!” I yelled.

And it isn’t just pasta. It’s the makings of an Italian dinner fit for a King – and every item is extremely affordable. It’s why I love shopping at HEB.

Then Ed saw the Sweet Potato Chips, grabbed them quickly and did some kind of a combo walk/run movement to his home office.

Is HEB psychic? Wine for $2.98 a bottle that is called Cul-De-Sac? It’s like they KNOW me. I love to save money AND have been known to drink wine in a cul-de-sac!

(Ed pointed out to me and I think it’s worth mentioning – you don’t actually have to drink something in the place the beverage is named after…which I knew – of course, but for me it was kind of a cool coincindence.)

“Ed,” I screamed from my “office” downstairs at the kitchen table to his “office” upstairs in the spare room. “This wine is really GOOD!”

“Jennifer, it’s 9:00 A.M. What the hell?!”

“I’m doing RESEARCH, Ed.”

“Fine, just leave the truffle research to me, then.”

We can’t wait to cook dinner together so that our kids can benefit from the research, too. But we kinda already agree that HEB rocks.

Disclaimer: I was given several items to try out from HEB but was not compensated in any other way nor was I asked to write a post. I feel it safe to say that HEB encourages drinking responsibly. And also – it’s 5:00 p.m. somewhere, Ed.





  1. 1
    Kristi says:

    Don’t cry over the pasta! It’s awesome and yes it is 5 o’clock somewhere! 🙂 LOL

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    That’s awesome!! Go for it sista!!!

  3. 3
    Lisa Carter says:

    I loved this post. Hilarious! 🙂
    I can also relate, because in between ramping up my business we’re in the midst of house renovations and cooking out of a microwave, a toaster oven and a slow cooker. Just this morning I peered in the cooler and wondered what I could do with maple syrup, ketchup and mayo. Yuk. How I’d love a delivery like yours from HEB… Speaking of which, what is HEB anyway? Can you link to it? Explain it?
    Great to be reading you through Blogathon, and hopefully beyond!

    • 3.1
      Jennifer Patrick says:

      HEB is a grocery store in Texas and it’s the bomb diggity! (www.HEB.com). They have a lot of gourmet-ish kind of food (and bring in celebrity chefs for cooking demos), regular food for great deals and then these Primo pick items that are unique brands or special finds.
      So good to meet you! I’ll stop by your blog, too!

  4. 4
    Debi says:

    I love them too? where is my wine? I could maybe scrounge up $ 2.98. you are not sharing at all this week.

  5. 5
    Babette says:

    All in the name of research. All in the name of research.

  6. 6

    AWESOME!!! I, too, LOVE HEB!

    My husband brought home some of that Green Sauce (http://sensiblysara.com/?p=1553) one day … he took it to work with him.

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