Way to Go Discount Tire!

We just bought  a “new to us” van and hadn’t even made the first payment when we got a slow leak in one of the tires last week.

Weird – because I kinda felt like I’ve had a slow leak lately, too!

Anyways. We found the damage and thought it might be far enough away from the sidewall that it could be repaired instead of replaced and took it in to Discount Tire.

After waiting awhile one of the reps walked up to me with that, “Yeah, it’s not good news” look on his face and I was all (in my head) “here we go, hemorrhaging money already.”

But nope.

He told me that while trying to repair the tire they buffed it too much and damaged it beyond repair so were replacing it for free.

I was shocked because of their ethics. Admitting to their mistake and then making it right. Old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness customer service.


I guess I always kind of expect the worst when it comes to car repairs. And honestly, I expect to be taken advantage of.

Kudos to Discount Tires for making my day and making me rethink how I feel about car repair shops in general.

Disclaimer: Discount Tires had no idea I was a writer or blogger and has no knowledge of this post being written. I was just a plain Jane customer and if this is the way they treat them, you’ll be sure I’ll be back.




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    In the Pacific Northwest is a tire shop called Les Schwab. This sounds a lot like them – they are 100%, honest-to-goodness NICE people and treat their customers right. We took several of our cars to several different stores when we lived in Oregon, and it was the same every time. I miss them! 🙂

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    I LOVE Discount Tire!! I am glad you got your tire fixed (and it didn’t cost you more than the gas to get there)!!

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    Babette says:

    Nice to find this now and then…what great PR for THEM. And a bonus for you, too.


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