Some Things ARE Shocking – Jane’s Addiction Live

Jane’s Addiction played at the Bayou Music Center in Houston Wednesday night and the show was incredible.

I’m 41 and a lot in attendance were from the same generation…fans of the band when they were in high school/college in the 80’s and 90’s. Personally, I started following them in college when I was a DJ for my campus radio station. I had an alternative rock show and played lots of Jane’s Addiction from their Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual albums.

Loved them back then.

Love them now.

Yup. I’m a wife, mother of two young kids, PTO Board member, girl scout leader, God loving grown-up. And I think Jane’s Addiction is still pretty awesome.

I haven’t been to a lot of concerts lately…too “busy”. But I heard about the show on so even though it was a Wednesday night, my friend Tanya and I escaped swim team practice, dinner and bed-time routine duties and headed to the show.

Bayou Music Center was the perfect venue to see this band. Small and intimate. We scored floor tickets on Groupon! (Coupons for a concert? Times have changed, right?!) I’m pretty sure most of the people who purchased seats came down to the floor anyway. It’s how this band is meant to be enjoyed.

The Duke Spirits, a London Band, opened for them at 8:30 p.m. and Dave Navarro and Perry Ferrell hit the stage (decorated with a naked women statue – ish backdrop) at about 9:45 p.m. While they played a few songs from their new album, they stuck mostly to music from the early days which made the crowd very happy.

Stop. Classic Girl. Mountain Song. Been Caught Stealing.

But we lost our collective minds when they started playing Jane Says. Since the audience pretty much sang this one and gave front man Perry a break, acoustically it wasn’t the best song of the night. But nobody cared.

It was old school Jane’s Addiction and most of us felt like we were back in the early 90’s as we danced literally hip to hip on the beer sloshed floor. One guy next to me screamed out, “I’m 17 again!” as he banged his head and more than one brave sole attempted a stage dive.

Good times and overall a pretty tame crowd that seemed to play nice and enjoy the show together.

Shirtless Dave and Perry (who hung on to and drank from a bottle of red vino for awhile on stage) were completely engaged with concert goers, accepting cigerettes, etc. from the audience. Racy stage adornments including two very pretty scantly clad female dancers (was one of the dancers Perry’s wife?), two screens with videos playing and other stage side-show acts left little to the imagination.

These songs aren’t about popsicles and puppies, ya’ll.

And then mid-show Tanya yelled, “where the hell did that bear come from?!” Maybe he was up there the entire time, but a life-sized stuffed bear seemed to appear from no where and just sat there the rest of the show.

Ok, then.

Only one encore – but great show.  Good job, Juanes Addicion!




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    What a fun time! Was never much into music and didn’t attend too many concerts when I was younger — couldn’t afford them — but I do appreciate a good dose of loud, uninhibited fun.

    And, by the way, I was a DJ for my campus radio station as well. This was in the early 80s, and I played a lot of ballads. Neil Diamond. Journey. Chicago. This was in the days where you used carts (music on cartridge). I had my own sound room and equipment. Lots of fun with the microphone. Then they moved me to classical on the NPR affiliate. It was fun, too, but I’ll never forget my time alone at the radio station. Did you have to get your FCC license? I remember getting that and thinking how cool I was. It’s good to get back on Memory Lane…

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