Life List #57 – Go Shopping with Stevie Nicks

As you can imagine, since winning my best costume award at Annie’s piano recital two weeks ago – my life has changed pretty drastically. I mean, I’m kind of a celebrity around the neighborhood.

People know me.

For those who missed the story on my blog and facebook and twitter…I kindly fill them in on the details of my Stevie Nicks unintentional costume. At swim team practice, in the stands watching my son’s baseball games, in line at Target….you know – people need deserve to know.

Turns out, though…that one of my dear friends has actually met Stevie Nicks.

While on a plane.

And she was singing a lullaby to a baby (Stevie, not my friend).

I mean…COME ON! Stevie singing a lullaby to passenger’s baby?! Is that what’s going on in first class?

I could have been on that exact flight and not even known Stevie was on the plane. I buy my tickets so cheap that there’s a clause that I can’t even make eye contact with first class passengers as I make my way back to coach. I seriously have to close my eyes or get thrown off the plane.

So, while happy for my friend because she is all kinds of awesome, I have added a new life list item to my list.

Number 57. Go Shopping with Stevie Nicks.

Because we obviously have the same taste in clothing and we could go to all these neat little boutiques and she’ll say “you have to get those pants, those are so YOU!” and we’ll sing Landslide together out loud and everyone will be like “is that Jennifer, you know – with that other girl that looks like her?!”

What’s on your bucket list?



  1. 1

    Oh wow, they do that in first class?

    Like you, I usually fly economy (when I fly) so I wouldn’t have known either. Darn.

    Anyways, the most recent thing on my bucketlist is a hot air balloon ride over the Canadian Rockies. I was over in BC a couple of years ago for the summer and loved it there, especially the mountains, and I was watching this travel program the other day when it hit me. Balloon travel. I’ve since added it to my saving goals (cheap too! Who knew?).

  2. 2
    Andrea Ross says:

    Jen! I am so enjoying your blog. This is good stuff, really good!!
    Rock on Stevie!!


  3. 3
    Tracy says:

    Love this blog post Jen, we must go to Fleetwood Mac. Too much cow bell.

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