House MD, Critical Cases Game Review #CleverMD

House, the TV show, has ended. Sniff.

As you know, I was a big fan of the series and am so sad that it’s over. So when I heard that Ubisoft created a House game on facebook, I was excited to try it out.

You start the game by setting up your character by making him/her look as much like you as possible by choosing hair color, clothes, etc. Then your character joins House and the team at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital to investigate and solve the medical mysteries.

Each case begins like each House episode did, with a brief scene introducing you to the patient right before he or she collapses. Then you try to figure out what’s wrong along with Chase, Taub, Foreman and House around the infamous white board. House adds his famous one liners and refers to you as “the rookie”.

You can unlock areas in the hospital, like the lab and clinic, by performing tasks such as resucitations.

Seeing patients in the clinic, and playing games like “collecting the right blood cells” earns you points/money so you can properly diagnosis and treat patients. The more you play, the more people, patients and resources you have at your disposal to help solve the main case.

I’m working on case #2 right now and find myself without “energy” which I can boost with a cup of coffee by requesting it from a facebook friend or  by purchasing it with “house credits” (which I’m also out of), or wait for time to pass. House credits can be purchased with “real” money from $5.00 to $100.00. Looks like in order to proceed I have to relay on the kindness of fellow House facebook players, wait a bit or pony up some cash!

I really like the mini games (especially when you get to search the patient’s house for clues) and that you have to manage several patients at once when you start seeing them in the clinic. You have to manage your time and resources well or you won’t be able to treat them all!

If you want to play, go here (and give me a cup of coffee, geez…I’ve been up all night curing patients in the ER!!!)

Let me know what you think! Do you play games on Facebook?

Are you sad that House, the TV series, is over?

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    Carol Wong says:

    I love the show House. I played the game on facebook until I ran out of energy. I would rather buy the game than play on Facebook. I don’t like cluttering my friends FB page with requests. Thank you for introducing it. I think if they could make this more sophisticated and sell on on AOl, the makers could make a bundle.

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