Don’t Have a Cow….Just Vote for One!

Were you of that era that “Don’t have a cow!” was a popular way to say “Chill out?”

I was…although I’m not sure that really has anything to do with anything.

My good friend Dale told me about a cool contest that is going on right now with Lucerne Dairy (which is part of the Safeway company).

Students submitted ideas about ways to decorate giant cow sculptures and several schools were selected to participate (and received a “blank” cow sculpture) based on their submissions.

Now they are down to the judging and the STEAKS are high!

Get it, “steaks” instead of “stakes”?

The winning school will receive a scholarship for their art department and the winning student who came up with the design at that school gets a prize.

Sort of like my MAJOR AWARD for winning the costume contest last week. Only different in that it’s much better and is actually deserved!

They are all really good, but check out the Texas cow, ya’ll!

It’s called Fueling American Ingenuity by Emilee Martin at B.F. terry High School in Rosenberg. Isn’t it cool? You can vote for it here. You can vote often, but do so quickly because it ends on May 15, 2012!

For more information about the project, visit



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