Buddy’s Better!

Buddy with his little doggie IV

As some of you saw on facebook, my little Buddy scared us this week. He started vomiting one day then couldn’t keep food or water down and was very lethargic. Definitely not our hyper 9-month old miniature dachshund!

When he wouldn’t get out of bed the next morning I took him to the vet. He was weak and dyhadrated and they started him on IV fluids immediately. After x-rays to check for obstruction (none) and blood work that came back pretty normal, we determined that he probably had a severe infection caused by something he ate outside.

Since he likes to bite frogs and digs up just about anything he can – there’s no telling what it was. But broad spectrum antibiotics did the trick and he’s back to himself.


Buddy's X-ray, no obstruction but some possible hip problems down the road 🙁

After losing our 17-year-old mixed breed, Sadie late last year; I was scared for a bit. Buddy is part of our family and brings us so much joy and happiness. He helps us live the dream.

Resting back home. Love his tongue hanging out!!

What about you? Do you have a pet that you love? Do you consider him/her part of the family?

Back to looking after his family. Watching over Annie while she sleeps on the coach!



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    Patti says:

    My dog Buster is part of the family – we don’t take a vacation that we can’t take him with us. He is a joy and when things are difficult he always makes me feel better. Thanks for sharing your post and I am so glad that Buddy if feeling better.

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