50 Shades of Grey – A “sorta” Review


I must have been living under a literary rock recently because when I was visiting with a friend a few weeks ago she mentioned this book and I hadn’t heard about it.

I read just about anything I can get my hands on from historical fiction to chick lit…Harry Potter to The Hunger Games….I love to read. So when Sheri said, “you should check out this book, 50 Shades of Grey, I heard it was good,” I filed it mentally for the next time I was at the library or book store.

Just a few days later I was at Barnes and Noble and saw the stand with all three books in the trilogy (in paperback) and picked up the first one without reading the back cover.

And the ladies at the register started giggling.

“So is the book that good?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah – you could say that,” one said and started giggling again.

“So your saying it’s a funny book?” I asked – confused by their response.

“Um, m’am, it’s kinda what you call ‘Mommy Porn'”, she said using air quotes.

And sure enough – on the back cover the genre is spelled out in black and white “Erotic Romance – Mature Audience”.

Well then. Let’s go read porn, I guess.

Then, as if the rock had been lifted, I started hearing about the book EVERYWHERE I went. Women of all ages talking about it in the grocery store, at the nail salon, at kids’ sporting events. Saturday Night Live even had a skit on it for Mother’s Day and a lady in her fifties at Target told me it saved her marriage.

Surely you’ve heard about it by now. But have you read it? I have. Quite the little page turner. Written by EL James, it’s not the most well-written book I’ve ever encountered, but it kept me reading.

Maybe because of  the VERY descriptive sex scenes every 10 to 20 pages?

Here’s the deal:

Christian Grey, a very wealthy and young business-owner is interviewed by literature student Anastasia Steele for a college paper. An instant attraction between the two ignites an interesting relationship based on sex. He’s looking for a submissive (contract and all!) to take part in his sexual fantasies, she’s looking for a more traditional relationship. You can see where the conflict comes in.

Basically boy meets girl. Boy wants to chain up girl. Girl’s kinda ok with that, but wants to snuggle, too.

Happens all the time, right?!

This (and the other two that follow; 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed) are a great Kindle or Nook purchase because if you pull out the paperback at the beach you’ll have an instant book club meeting with any woman around and most likely get a smirk from any man close by!

I’m not gonna lie, ya’ll. I was at Costco yesterday and bought the next two books. And so did the lady standing in line in front of me. And the lady standing behind me.

I’ve heard they are making it into a movie.

What do you think of the series? Did you read it yet? Will you?




  1. 1
    Susan Huhn says:

    Plan on reading it and actually getting it today from a friend. Rather interested to read it but since I’m single . . .

  2. 2
    Mimi says:

    I’m currently reading the first book of the trilogy and love it! I bought all 3 books at the same time because I heard they were “that” good! Everyone I’ve talked to said that “it’ll improve your sex life”, but it hasn’t done much for mine… with 5 kids, there’s not much of a sex life left! LOL

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