What the Heck….?

So we get home from swim team practice, baseball practice, a boy scout troop visit and dinner to celebrate Ed’s birthday last night and I turn on the light to the back yard to let Buddy Diapers (our miniature dachshund puppy) outside and I find this on the stoop.

Me: What the heck…..?

I had no idea what it was, it looked like some kind of explosive device to me but since I’ve never seen an explosive device, I couldn’t be sure. So to be safe, I held it at arms length and then put it in my husband’s face to ask him what it was.

Him: Looks like an old piece from the pump that filtered the pond I recently took out of the yard.

And I believe him.

1. Because all of the stuff from the dissembled pond that he took apart about a year ago is still out there and

2. Because he and Jackson have been watching that new show about guys in the military who find IED’s and defuse them (I originally thought the show was about dissembling IUD’s but turns out that’s an entirely different topic); so he knows kinda what to watch out for vis-a-vis things that explode.

I guess Buddy found it in the backyard and brought it up to the patio in either a cat-like gesture of “earning his keep”  OR it’s his new play toy.

I think it’s the later.

Because when I took it away and then went to bed and then let him out again this morning THIS is what I found.

Yeah. Those are Jackson’s confetti Easter Eggs that he’s been saving for “just the right occasion” (you know, when you have to crack confetti over a friend’s head. I get it).

Me: Uh oh…..Buddy attacked Jackson’s carton of confetti eggs.

Ed: I know….shhhh. Don’t tell him, he’s gonna be really upset.

Me: Maybe we should get rid of the mess. I mean, he’s going to go in the back yard sooner or later.

Ed: (shrugs)

Filling confident that our plan of avoiding the confetti eggs topic in hopes that he’ll just forget he had him would work, I got busy with another task when Annie peeked out back.

Annie: OHHHHHH – Buddy ruined ALL of JACKSON’S confetti eggs. (And then she ran to her carton and tucked it under her arm and ran to her room to hide it. For a 6-year-old, she’s pretty street smart.)

Jackson: WHAT THE HECK…….?

So good morning to you, too – Wednesday.



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    Shannon Haubrich says:

    If it will help I have a carton of confetti eggs you are welcome to have for Jackson. I bought extras right after Easter when they were clearenced. Just let me know.

    I have to keep ours on top of the fridge due to doggies who love to hunt and destroy….lol.

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