Bully Movie Tonight…Plus Resources

The premiere in Houston is tonight! If you scored some free tickets from my blog, don’t forget to show up early so you can get a good seat. If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, I have a few more. Let me know you want to go before 3:00 p.m. today!

I received so many comments from readers concerned about this topic. Educators, parents, kids themselves who are being bullied…afraid to go to school everyday. I hope this movie sparks discussion and motivates people, especially those who WITNESS bullying to stand up and said “No – it’s not acceptable.”

A friend told me about a good sight to check out; www.positivethinkingworks.org. She said it was started by two Houston-area moms and helps teachers, parents and kids reframe socially disrespectful situations.

Also – I learned about the great kids at Cy-Ranch High School who made this video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waAqJ6727Hk&feature=related. Apparently the entire project was was created, filmed, sung and performed by students to Stand Up to bullies by asking “Who Do U Think U R?”.


You need to watch this. If you love it as much as I do, you can actually vote for it here http://nobull.votigo.com/contests/showentry/1042123?v=50 for the NO BULL Teen Video Awards.

I love the message that is being repeated over and over (in this video and on the website postitivethinkingworks and (I hope) in the movie tonight….The BYSTANDER stops the bully. We need to teach our kids to be UPSTANDERS. It’s what I’m going to work on with my kids.

Do you have any resources or tips or stories you’d like to share about this issue? Please get involved!




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