Buddy loves Mr. Chewy.com

Have you heard of Mr. Chewy.com?
Well, it’s been about a month since we adopted Buddy, our miniature dachshund, and we are having so much fun with him. While potty training, teaching him what is ok to chew with his sharp puppy teeth and getting him to sleep through the night have been challenging … his cute puppy eyes and kisses make everything worth while. We love him so much.
Seriously – look at this guy. He’s adorable!
We’ve been taking him into the vet for his shots and making sure he is healthy. We’ve never had a puppy before and I’m learning a lot about things like what to feed them at this age. If we let him, he’d eat an entire bag of dog food. This guy has an appetite!
I recently learned about a cat and dog food website called Mr. Chewy. While I never thought about ordering dog food online before, this site makes it easy and affordable to get what you need to feed your pet. They carry more than 70 brands (many of which are hard to find in local pet or grocery stores), offer subscription-based ordering and free shipping for orders over $49.00.
My friend Julie has been active in dog rescue organizations for many years and has fostered many dogs until they were able to be placed in loving homes. She knows A LOT about dogs and so she’s my go-to person with all things pet related. I asked her about what type of dog food she recommended and many of the brands she loves are offered on Mr. Chewy.com.
I decided to get Buddy Life Protection Formula for puppies by Blue Buffalo. Buddy loves the natural chicken and brown rice recipe that has LifeSource bits that are small enough for him to eat. The 30 pound bag was $47.99 and when purchased along with the Blue Buffalo training treats for $6.99, my shipping was free! The best part is, I don’t have to worry about buying dog food for awhile!
I placed my order on a Friday evening, received an email confirmation right away then a shipping confirmation notice when my order left the company. The dog food and treats arrived exactly seven days after I ordered it (and I ordered on a Friday night so that’s taking into consideration a weekend!)
Navigating through the website was easy. I searched under “puppy” to see what they offered for Buddy since he’s young, but you can also search by specific brand if you know what type of food you want. Some of the other brands they carry include Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Dogswell, Royal Canin, Ziwipeak, Stella & Chewy and Natural Balance.
As you can see, Buddy was thrilled with the delivery! He dug right into dinner and loves his treats whenever he does his “business” outside!
I had already purchased Frontline from my vet, but Mr. Chewy.com also sells the flea and tick prevention at competitive prices, so I’m going to check that out next time. You can visit Mr. Chewy on facebook and follow them on twitter.
Are there any dog owners out there that has a tip or trick you’d like to share about training puppies? I’d love to hear about your take on potty training!
This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I received store credit to Mr. Chewy.com in order to provide a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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    Went from Loyall to PMI Exclusive and like them both…I drop all the way down to the PMI Red Flannel Prime in off season and the puppies do great on it as well. Many thanks for your heads up in the Loyall. It was great food items but PMI sponsors my son’s kennel and so I support that effort…plus I buy 6 bags and get the 7th free of cost.

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