Christmas Tradition – Decorating the Tree with #TysonGoodness

Every year when we get out the tree and ornaments and begin to deck the halls, sometime after Thanksgiving Day but usually before St. Nick Day on December 5th, we have a tradition. I get an assortment of finger type food and we have an hors d’oeuvre dinner. Sounds fancy? Nope. I’m talking about easy, peasy yummy finger food we love on plates in the living room coffee table where we can grab and go as we decorate (with a Christmas movie playing in the background, of course!).

A couple of staples are:

1. baked potato skins (my favorite)

2. a cheeseball with crackers (Ed’s favorite)

3. frozen pizza cut into small bites (we all love this!)

A couple new things we tried this year. Carmalized onion and cheese puffs (I loved them but no one else did. However, they will be back next year!) And the new Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwhiches.

Tyson chicken nuggets are in my freezer 24/7/365. If we get low on this item, bells and alarms start sounding because my kids are crazy for their chicken nuggets and they are a fast lunch, snack or dinner option when things get hectic in our household. And they do get hectic!

Now we have another #TysonGoodness favorite. Knowing I was going to be reviewing the mini sandwiches (and almost certain the kids were going to love them) I bought them at Walmart and tucked them in the freezer for our annual tree decorating event.

That night I went to get them out and HELLO…all but one of the packages were gone! Guess who already tried them out? My husband! He had been taking the microwavable packages (each with 2 mini sandwiches in them) to work during the week and having them as a breakfast or snack and LOVES them!

So with Mickey Mouses Christmas playing on the TV and the artificial tree halfway assembled…I cooked the last two mini sandwhiches for Jack and Annie. After giving dad a hard time, the kids dove in and loved them!

Since then we’ve had them as after school snacks and weekend lunches because they are so easy to prepare (just pop em in the microwave in their package for about a minute on each side). I’ve been told by the kids and Ed that they have a place on the “staples” grocery list next to the regular Tyson nuggets.

A GREAT Deal on Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches!


Still Living The Dream readers, you know I loves me a good deal and love it even more when I can pass one on to you! Currently if you buy two Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at a participating Walmart, you’ll receive a $5.00 Walmart Gift Card!

Hello good deal, nice to meet you!

My freezer will be well stocked now! Just be sure to to find out where to go because they aren’t available at all Walmart stores. Click here for more information about the promotion which ends on 1/13/12.


So tell me, what’s one of your holiday traditions? Do you cook something special for the occasion?


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