Let’s Go To The Movies – The Muppets and Arthur Christmas

What did you do over the Thanksgiving break? I enjoyed some of the things I usually do….going shopping for Thanksgiving dinner items at the last minute Wednesday evening and becoming part of a fight over the last pint of half and half at the grocery store….leaving the first grocery store without said half and half (because I’m only 4’10” and just about anyone can take me down) and backing into a ford taurus with my mini van in a mad dash to the second grocery store….stopping briefly to access damage to taurus (none, thank you very much!)…then on to the second and then third store (success!)

You know. Typical Thanksgiving stuff.

Then there’s Black Friday. You might have enjoyed my posts from years past as I toughed out the Toys R Us line for hot items like the Zhu Zhu pet. This year I went again but since the store opened at 9 p.m. it took some of the “camping out in line to buy Rolling Stones concert tickets” vibe and just wasn’t as much fun. Although I did get to play with a new toy, Fryflyz, and show people in line how cool it was (and how uncool I apparently am!)

Again – same ol’, same ol’.

Lucky for me, my family and my mini van – two great movies came out recently….keeping me entertained and somewhat out of trouble.

1. Arthur Christmas

This was a cute movie about Santa’s hardworking son who reminds everyone who works in the North Pole (done up military style) about true Christmas spirit. Arthur, in the most adorably tacky Christmas sweater ever, is even able to convince his highly decorated brother who is in line to take over the family business that no child is left behind! The message was good and so was the movie, albeit a bit slow in some spots, but skip the extra cash on the 3D version, I didn’t even notice the 3D effects and almost forgot I was watching a 3D movie except for the stylish glasses I was wearing.

Look for great one-liners from Grandpa Claus in this one.  I’m like Grandpa and prefer Christmas presents delivered “old school” but he’s right – it doesn’t matter how they get there….making kids happy is what its about.


2. The Muppets

Seeing this movie made me mad that my mom got rid of my Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear stuffed animals when I was eight. I’m in love with them all over again and now so are my kids. They had my ten-year-old sold with “fart shoes” but really, the whole movie was a hit. Way to go Jason Segel for staying true to the Muppet spirit and the crazy, caper “save the show” type movies they are known and loved for.


1. The opening act where Amy Adams and Jason sing and dance with their fellow towns folk. BTW – I want to be Amy when I grow up.

2. The ballad (Am I a Muppet or a Man) sung by new Muppet Walter and Jason. Classic.

3. The Moopets cover band in Reno led by Fozzy Bear who has a dressing room in the ally and tells Kermit with the same amount of sarcasm I use daily, “I’m living the dream”. I swear I almost stood up and clapped and yelled “that’s what I’m sayin!”  I’ve always felt like Fozzie “got” me. Now a Fozzie Bear is on my Christmas list.

4. Animal in anger management class with Jack Black. “In Control.” That’s going to be my new mantra.

5. The fact that my five-year-old now goes around the house humming….na, na, na, na-na “Ma-na, ma-na”


I was given press passes to see a special screening of both Arthur Christmas and The Muppets but received no other compensation in return for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 





  1. 1
    michelle says:

    Is that YOUR china in the top picture? If it is, you and I have the same pattern. If not, you have friends/family with very good taste (or you ate at my house and cleaned up well after yourselves).

  2. 2
    Eugenio says:

    I caught “The Muppets” last night and I *loved* it! Jason Segel and Amy Adams did such an amazing job! And of course the muppets! It made me so nostalgic seeing them all together again. Me and my friends laughed so much through the entire thing! I just wish there was more Animal. 🙂

  3. 3
    Tammara says:

    I just saw “The Muppets” last night and I *loved* it! Amy Adams and Jason Segel did such an incredible job! And then… the muppets! It made me happy seeing them all together again. Me and my family laughed a lot through the entire thing! I just wish there was more Beaker. 🙂

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