FoldFlops Review

I’m a sucker for all things new and gadgety and obsessed with all things footwear. So when I heard about Fold Flops…I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about.

We wear flip flops in Texas year-round so Houstonians tend to take them a little more seriously then I think others in cooler climates do. We certainly seem to invest more in them and I know at least I have many pairs of them. Different colors, varying flop width and flip bling amounts…I’m drawn to flip flops of all types and consider them both a convenance and fashion statement.

In fact, I wore flip flops for three straight and FULL days at amusement parks in Orlando last month (against better judgement) and so you get it. I likes me my Flip Flops.

FOLD Flops are flip flops that…well… fold. (They are very well named!)

They come in many solid colors (I got champagne) and come in a little branded zippered pouch. Side-note: I also love little zippered pouches. How cute are zippered pouches?!!

The box says they “unfold and go” and provide “relief, comfort, style – anytime….anyplace”.

Jackson and Ed went camping with the Cub Scouts last weekend and Annie and I had a little girls day out. On the agenda? Manis/Pedis. Into the purse went the Fold Flops.

I think the fact that FoldFlops fold up is supposed to make them more portable but I’m not sure unfolded flip-flops are really such a pain to pack. Yet in the pouch they kept the rest of my purse free of dirt that the shoes picked up last time I wore them.

While Annie was getting spooky spiders painted on her nails, I pulled out my FoldFlops to put on some my newly polished nails would stay pretty until they dried!  (See the crease in the middle on the bottom of the FoldFlops? That’s how they fold easily.)

How cute do our nails look?

Annie wanted to know where her FoldFlops were. Sadly – they don’t come in kids sizes BUT they do come in different colors for women and MEN and can be purchased on-line at for $20.

 I was given a pair of FoldFlops through MomSpark Media to review but was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 




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    Nicki Woo says:

    Cute and fun! But do they kinda fold/bend when you walk? Just curious.

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