The Big Year

Did I ever tell you about the time when I was so busy and overwhelmed with life that even though I had tons of things to share and say, I couldn’t find enough hours in the day to say them … at least on my blog?

Yeah – that would be now. And it’s not even that I’m working a TON…although I have three articles I’m on deadline for right now so writing them takes priority today because – well – I get a paycheck from them and my family loves indoor plumbing and electricity. Divas. Damn it all.

But I will pause for a moment to tell you that a really good movie, The Big Year, comes out today and you should make plans to see it.

And now I can hear you, literally, laughing and saying – “She’s so busy but she can still get herself to the movie theatre, huh?!”

Uh – yes. I love the movies. Plus they have popcorn there. I can’t believe we are even having this discussion.

So The Big Year was NOT what I was expecting but I loved it anyway.

I expected pee in my pants laughs the entire time from these three (Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black)…all comic geniuses in their own way. While the movie did have some laughs, it was much more introspective and deep.

These three birders are all trying for “The Big Year” which is to see the most species of birds in one year and earn bragging rights among their peers. While each character tries to earn the title, they are also dealing with their own real-life problems that need their attention. Steve – his job, Jack – the relationship with his dad, and Owen – the relationship with his wife. Each of the characters are pretty unbalanced and the movie takes you through their journey to achieve peace with these relationships WHILE following their DREAMS (see why I loved this film?!) Can you have both? Sometimes.

And well – sometimes not.

And I could SO relate. Even though I was watching Owen self-destruct and yelling “stop it and go hug your wife” I know that when you are in the middle of obsessing about something, whether it’s positive (like a hobby such as bird watching) or negative – you can’t see the forest for the trees and the obvious is, well – not so obvious.

And even when it is obvious – it’s hard to put something you’re passionate about on the shelf – even though you know you should.

And sometimes even when you KNOW you should and it’s clear as day…you choose not to. And that choice has consequences. As you will see in this film when you go see it.

So go see it.

I loved this line in the movie, “741 – That my friend, was a very big year.”

Even though it wasn’t enough to win – when you take into consideration everything else he had – he really kinda did, you know?

So I’m going to remind myself THAT when I find myself losing sight of the big picture. It might even become a mantra for me. Seriously. I’m going to start walking around saying “741, 741” and people might think I’m nuts but maybe it will remind me that  – you know – I have achieved A LOT even if I’m not even close to what I where I want to be. And then when my five-year-old daughter gives me a drawing of me and her picking flowers together – then…well… I’ve got that, too.

And THAT, the little drawing…that relationship…that love – well that makes me a winner even when I fall short.

And THAT’s what I got from The Big Year. Pretty Big, right?

What YOU are doing matters, friends. So follow your dreams but give yourself a break, too. And don’t forget to hug your wife, or your daughter or your mother or someone in the grocery store. Ok?


I was invited to the press screening of this film but wasn’t compensated for this post. All thought and opinions are my own. 



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    Karen says:

    WOW! Needed this today! Stop and smell the roses, huh? Will do. Thanks for the refreshing perspective.

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