Personalized Ornaments

Christmas spoiler alert!

Mom – are you reading this?

STOP. Right. now.

I know keeping Christmas surprises is not your strength – especially when they have to do with your own presents. But you need to be strong. For your grandchildren. Because they are giving you this present. And you can’t act. And they won’t buy your pretend surprised face Christmas morning when you open this. I never did growing up when you sneaked a peek at my present to you. None of us did. You’ve been a present shaker, peeker, “I’ll just sneak a little look then tape it back” upper. It’s time you knew that the gig is up.

But I love you anyways and I call you later. Have a good day. Bye.

Everyone else stay and scroll down.




Is she gone? I suspect not. But I’m going to carry on like she is and only time will tell whether she had the will-power. Or whether she ever even reads my blog!

Either way she’s getting the cutest darn ornament this year. My mom is a coach at an elementary school and I picked out this ornament from which was personalized by them. How stinkin’ cute is this?!

They have tons of ornaments to pick from and they are so affordable. The coach ornament was just $12.95! They have a wide variety in each category so there’s something for everyone. I’m thinking about getting some of these for teacher gifts because although they have a lot of general teacher ornaments (like “world’s greatest teacher”), they have many more in hobbies/activities categories so I can get something special and different for each teacher.

I love Christmas and family traditions in general. (You can read about my annual tradition of giving each of my children a new ornament according to their interests each year on St. Nicholas Day here.) While I was shopping around on Ornament Shop I found an entire section, Christmas A to Z, where they provide tips and fun information about Christmas and the holiday season around the world. Find out why Santa’s suit is red, a history of Christmas cards and where Santa’s elves came from.

Every year, after the tree is decorated, Ed puts a star on the top of our Christmas tree. I always wondered why the star is the symbol many use to decorate this spot. You can find out why and what other symbols are commonly used at Ornament Shop on their tree toppers post here. So cool!

So tell me, what holiday traditions do you cherish each Christmas? Do any of them involve Christmas ornaments and/or decorating the tree in a special way?


I was given an ornament to review but wasn’t compensated in any other way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. 1
    maryellen says:

    You know she totally read all of that!!!

  2. 2
    Mary C says:

    Hi Jen!!!
    I buy new pj’s for everyone every Christmas. It started with our girls. I would let them open one gift on Christmas Eve and it was always pajamas. A few years ago, I said I wasn’t going to do pj’s anymore since our girls were grown and they all had a fit! It’s TRADITION they said! So, I keep doing it. I buy the grandkids an ornament every year. I think it’s fun.

  3. 3

    Hi Jen,
    Really liked these ideas..I have been shopping from till now for my personalized ornaments, and the biggest blooper that happens is, that they get delivered when I am not home..and every body gets a sneak peak…

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