New, Cool Toy…Mechatars – Review, Discount AND Giveaway!

Jackson is turning 10 next week.

I can’t believe my baby boy is hitting the double digits. It seems like I brought him home from the hospital yesterday and I was keeping track of his age in months.

Now he’s a fourth grader and getting more independent everyday. It’s bittersweet, I tell you.

I had been trying to think of a great gift to give him this year that is unique and fun to celebrate his special birthday. He loves video games and playing online but I wanted to find something a little different. Through my affiliation with CleverGirls, I was lucky enough to hear about a cool, new online gaming and remote control robotic toy combined in one called Mechatars by iloverobots coming out this fall. I knew I had found the perfect gift and I was lucky enough to get one for Jackson to review.

Check out this happy face when he came home from school last week and he found this waiting for him!

Mechatars are remote control robots that offer both online and offline play. Straight out of the box, you can help your Mechatar explore the physical world (aka your living room!) with a remote control. But it also connects to the computer for really cool online battles. Jackson got the Wrexx Mechatar (they also have Alpha and Kodar models – each has their own personalities, strengths and vulnerabilities).

When he connected the robot to his computer and logged onto the “Mechaverse” at, he was able to engage in battles against other players, participate in challenges in order to train for battles and earn equipment/weapons. The more he plays, the more weapons, skills and abilities his Mechatar earns and the best part is playing online is free!

I sat with Jackson as he played online today and he showed me the features of the online game. (It only took him minutes to figure it all out!) He selected his weapons for a battle against a new recruit, using strategy to determine which of the eight elements would make him successful. (Each weapon has an elemental power source which gives the weapon unique advantages in the battle.) There is a chart that shows how all the elements interact to make it easy for the players.

He battled against several players and earned credits to “buy” more weapons when he won. He loved that he could then sync what he earned and accomplished online with his robot to use in the “physical” world. He can’t wait for some of his friends to get a Mechatar, too – because then he can play in the physical world against them as well.

It was really neat to watch him play. In one battle that he lost he turned to his robot and said, “What’s up with you today?” The more he plays, the more he learns and when he would figure out another feature he would say, “This is SO cool!”

More about Mechatar:

The Mechatars are robotic warriors that exist in two worlds, Earth and the Mechaverse, a fascinating online universe. The Mechaverse is under attack from a dangerous enemy known as The Swarm and the Mechatars are fighting for their freedom and to bring peace back to their world, Kids have the critical responsibility of training their Mechatars for this fight. As a child completes battles and missions with his Mechatar, the robot is evolving into a distinct and powerful warrior.

Offline the remote control helps guide your Mechatar through harrowing missions or sends him speeding across the room. Online, kids can ally themselves with other Mechatars, complete online missions and battle against their rivals. Experience points can transfer back to affect the physical robot via USB cable, creating an evolving and personalized warrior. #CleverRobot #spon

A Discount!

Mechatars retail for $39.99 and will be available this fall at stores including Target, Toys R Us and RadioShack and online at But as a Still Living The Dream reader, you can get 10% off your purchase by going to and entering the coupon code MECHMOM. This offer is only valid until November 30, 2011…so be sure to take advantage of this deal soon!

A Giveaway! 

One lucky Still Living The Dream reader will win their very own Mechatar!

All you have to do to enter is visit and leave a comment on my blog telling me which one you’d like to win. NOTE: In order to see the Mechatar line up, you need to click on “play now” then “register,” but no information needs to be submitted.

More Chance to Win!

After the mandatory entry above, you can get more chances to win by doing one or more of the items below. Just leave me a comment for each that you do! Good luck!!!

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A winner will be selected at random on Monday, September 26, 2011, at 11:59 CST. If the winner contacted does not respond within 24 hours, another winner will be selected.

I was selected to participate in this sponsored post series by Clever Girls Collective



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