The Help…A Winner!

I saw The Help Monday night and it is GREAT! Lots of laughter and tears. It was definitely a powerful look at what times were like for people in Mississippi during the 1960’s. The courage of three very different people who have tremendous courage and strength to do what’s right when there was so much for each of them to lose was truly inspiring but I also walked away feeling empowered as a woman and a writer. Like Skeeter in the movie, I know I can make a difference through my words…especially if it’s something I am passionate about.

Now for the winner of The Help Prize Pack! Drum roll please……

Carol Wong who said “I would love to win this giveaway. I have been wanting to read this book for so long.” Well Carol, go buy the book and run to the theatre, wearing your new Help t-shirt because you won the prize pack and will LOVE this movie! Congratulations!


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