One minute I’m cleaning pee-pee off the dining room floor (kids, dogs  – does it really matter who did it?) the next…I’m talking to Jessica Alba on the phone. It’s how I like to roll….never a boring moment.

You guys know how I love reading People magazine on Friday afternoons and how I often play six degrees of separation during carpool. Part of the way I live my dream is hearing about how others live theirs.

So when I got the chance to talk to Jessica about her upcoming Spy Kids film I was super excited. Just ask anyone who read my facebook post that day.

I didn’t expect to find out two things from my call:

1. Jessica is really down to earth and besides amazing good looks, talent and a house and wardrobe that are probably a tad more glam then mine – we are really quite similar.

2. The new movie, Spy Kids 4D, isn’t going to just be a winner with kids. Moms are going to like this film, too.

Let me explain.

Jessica Alba plays spy Marissa Cortez Wilson in the film. She is married to a spy hunting television reporter (who doesn’t know she is a spy) and raising their baby and his twin kids (who don’t really like her) when she is called back in action to save the world from the Timekeeper.

Learning to juggle home and work responsibilities is something many of us moms face. And while my job is a little less intense then being an international spy (although sometimes my day does include a high speed car chase or two and dinner time can be a little dicey!)…it is important and difficult to manage the logistics of everything at times.

Jessica’s character deals with issues that many of us face like childcare (she ends up strapping her baby to her chest during her mission – talk about the ultimate “take your child to work day”!) and stepkids who don’t accept her.

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez developed Jessica’s role with his friend, Jessica, in mind. “I saw Jessica changing her baby’s exploding diaper and got the idea to cast her as a spy mom,” he said. He wrote the film around the issue we ALL deal with (especially parents, I think) – how there is never enough hours in the day to spend with family or time enough to get everything done. “As I watch my kids, I want to stop and freeze time so I can enjoy them longer before they grow up and move out of the house. I had this idea for a villain who is trying to take other people’s time away so he can use it to go back in time,” he explains.

So sitting on the conference call with Jessica, I knew I had to ask her how she “lives her dream” and how she finds time as a working mom (with her second baby due soon) to do it.

She said she really tries to live in the moment, to try not to live for tomorrow but to enjoy what’s going on right now.

So true.

But I find that to be so difficult, even right now as I’m writing this post. My daughter is begging for my attention despite my attempts to occupy her with toys and activities so that I can work for a couple hours. Working from home, I often find myself doing both (working and parenting) poorly as I try to do both at the same time. I end up getting frustrated with both and know that if I would give my undivided attention to one at a time, I would accomplish so much more and both activities would be so much more fulfilling and richer. It’s just not always possible.

She said that when she has time, she likes to get her nails done or get a facial.

Me, too! It’s like Jessica and I are sisters. I really want to call her back to ask her to get manis and pedis together so we can talk some more. She really is easy to talk to and very humble.

So I wasn’t the only one on the phone with her. Which is good, because I would have been all Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live. “Remember when you were in that movie? That was AWESOME!”

There were several other bloggers from other cities on the call and they asked some cool questions, too. I thought I’d share with you what they asked and her answers (taken from my notes and not verbatim).

Lara with Los Angeles Story asked how she balances motherhood and working. Jessica said she doesn’t work as much as she used to which helps her prioritize her time. On weekends she and her husband try to turn off the blackberries and devote their time to their daughter…”but it’s hard.”

Megan with Modern Mom asked who inspired her/is her role model. She said her mom and grandmother always made parenting a priority, even when her mom worked three jobs. She said she feels like it’s important to check in with kids to remind them that they are a priority.

Tesa with 2Wired2Tired asked how her family has fun together. She said they are pretty boring, “no saving the world adventures!”. They like to swim, go to the park and her daughter likes to dress up.

Jenny with Babblings of a Mommy asked how her style has evolved since she became a mom. She said she is pretty conservative and when she was younger she dressed kind of tomboyish. Since having her daughter she’s become more daring with fashion.

Jessica is about to have her second baby and she said her pregnancy has been different from her first in several ways. She has a fierce craving for watermelon with this one and moves around a lot more so her belly popped out much sooner. She said it’s been hard because she can’t pick up her daughter as much. “If she’s freaking out I’ll throw her on my hip but I’ll pay for it for the rest of the day” (back pain and contractions). “I feel bad because I want to hold her…so we cuddle sitting down!”

How cool is she??!!

About Aromascope:

So my kids and I are super excited about the 4D aspect of this film. With each individual admission ticket, kids and parents will also receive an Aromascope card that is free of charge with easy to read numbers outlined.  As the numbers flash on the movie screen the audience will rub the corresponding number on their card.  When each of the 8 aromas are unleashed you will get to experience a special moment in the film and be transported into scenes in the family adventure film. This fun added attraction brings extra laughs and enhances the film to introduce something new and entertaining for families. My kids are hoping for some foul-smelling fun (why do nine-year-old boys live for fart jokes?!!)

So I’m loving Jessica and this film and the fact that I had the chance to talk to her….I’m truly living the dream! (Now if I can only get her to take me on the red carpet with her….life list #23!)

Jessica? Call me!!!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post but I hope to attend the press screening soon! I can’t wait to see this film!




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