Christmas in July (or August)

It’s been hotter then ever in Houston this summer and by now even those who love the high temperatures (which isn’t me!) are begging for relief! Since I’m from upstate New York originally, I do my fair share of complaining about the weather and lack of seasons down south. But I’ve found ways to get me through July and August and one of them is to start thinking of Christmas.

I LOVE Christmas and the fall/winter season in general. I want to put on a cardigan, a roast in the oven and address Christmas cards right now! But it’s 103 degrees. Literally. So instead I decided to do a little shopping (in my sundress and flip flops) for my kids online.

A tradition I started many years ago is to give them a new Christmas ornament on St. Nicholas’ Day. This is about when we put up the tree, so it’s a perfect pre-holiday treat and they get to deck the halls with it right away. I try to make the ornament meaningful and give them one that reflects their current interests. This summer they both started music lessons. Annie is taking piano and Jackson is taking guitar lessons.

I found the coolest online ornament company, This company has over a thousand different ornaments to choose from in categories like vacationmilitary, activities and hobbies, fish and sports (to name just a few) you can find almost anything you can imagine. They also carry a variety of snowglobes and other present alternatives. 

I searched within the music and instruments category and found almost the exact guitar and keyboard that my kids have in ornament form! They are going to be so surprised and happy to see them. And someday, sniff, when they get older and have a tree of their own – they’ll have it to remember the summer they learned to love music!

I feel great having two gifts already purchased and tucked away. Last year I went out just a day before St. Nicholas Day and searched frantically for the perfect ornament and settled on a couple that “worked”. The ornaments I have this year are PERFECT! I love that they are affordable and if you buy five or more the shipping is free!

So what are your holiday traditions?

I received an ornament from to review but I loved it so much I bought another one! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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