DaGeDar: New Racing Game for Kids – A Review

Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, have developed a new toy called DaGeDar and my nine-year-old son, Jackson and has friends recently got together to see what all the fuss was about.

Each boy received a package with two DaGeDar balls in it. We had one of the tracks set up as well as a launcher available to try out. This toy aims to entertain boys around age 10, but I must admit I was skeptical. I wondered in this day of highly sophisticated video games, would a simple concept like this hold the boy’s attention?

In a word, YES. I don’t know what it is about these guys…but they LOVED them. Here’s the skinny….

DaGeDar are steelcore center balls each with a cool character graphic and code. “Spirit-like” entities driven by their desire to race, DaGeDar reside in Dimension 33, a place previously unknown to humans. They entered the Earths’ dimension to race and each DaGeDar is fueled by a different, personal motivation. Glory, fame, money, power, skill, knowledge…they race to accomplish their ultimate quest.

People who play DaGeDar are called “ballers” and each baller needs to control the speed and velocity in order to propel their ball through the track set’s loops without falling out. Tracks, spinners and launchers are all tools of the trade and allow ballers to create their own tournaments, stunts and tricks.

We started our party at the computer where each boy entered the code on there DaGeDar to find out more about the character and story behind their particular ball. This alone kept them entertained for about 30 minutes and they kept going back to the computer to learn more about other DaGeDar to find out which ones they wanted to collect. They loved finding out if their DaGeDar was a good guy or bad guy, what their personal motto was and what characteristics they had. Some of the boys had DaGeDar that were part of the same group (i.e. the Skull brothers) and they paired off with each other during tournaments to support their friend!

Next they played with one of the tracks offered by the company. Because each ball is a little different, they had to figure out how fast it would race along the track and where to position the cup at the end so they could make a perfect landing.

Then they tried out the launcher, which can be attached to the track or used separately. After they figured out how to use everything and got to know their specific DaGeDars, they set up a tournament. They created their own tricks (setting off DaGeDars with the launcher off the ottoman) and tried to see how many times in a row they could land their DaGeDar in the cup.

They played for hours. I had to stop them to eat pizza and brownies, which they did.

But after they refueled they immediately got back to the game and had a blast. It was a welcome day inside out of the Houston heat and away from video games. I had a blast watching them get creative and get excited.

They all want the tracks and launcher for their birthdays and have a list of the DaGeDar they want to collect. I’m happy that we don’t have to wait long to purchase them. They are due to hit the stores (Toys R Us and Walmart) as soon as August 8, 2011!!!


Tournament play…

And strategizing!

Here’s some of the comments I heard throughout the party:

  • “They have a cool name”
  • “I like the shiny ones”
  • “They are fun to collect”
  • “They are fun to trade”
  • “I like setting up tourneys”
  • “These rule”
I was provided DaGeDar balls, track and launcher to review but received no other compensation. All thoughts and opinions were mine, my son Jackson and his friends!


  1. 1

    My sons got our box the other day, and I confess, I haven’t even seen how they play with them ! Mostly because they GRABBED the boxes and ran away and have been playing with them like crazy for the past two days. I need to get up to the game room to see what it’s all about. 🙂 Your review makes me excited to get into the nitty gritty of it – we haven’t even gotten to the computer codes yet. Glad your son enjoyed it!

  2. 2
    Angie Woodward says:

    I was surprised by the boys interest in this new toy. They were really excited and it held their attention for a good 2 hours. I truly expected it to be a 15 minute activity, but was much surprised by their interest. I suspect this will be a hot holiday toy!

  3. 3
    Andrea Robinson says:

    Jennifer, I am glad I found this blog. I am from Sugar Land, and my son who is five and will be six in October, found this new attraction. Yesterday we went to Target and purchased the tracks, unforunately they did not have the balls. I am going crazy finding them. I promised I will have the balls for him this afternoon before he arrives from home. Please tell me where you found the balls for your boys, I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks, from one energized mom to another.

    • 3.1
      Jennifer Patrick says:

      Andrea – I feel your pain! I found some at Target in Copperfield but when I went back the next day they were out and I haven’t had luck since (got them last weekend!) Anybody out there in Houston find any recently?!

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