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I was at the Y today (I know, I’ll get to that in a bit) and I overheard two gals talking. They were obviously fluent in two languages and would switch back and forth between English and Spanish without missing a beat. I thought – how cool would it be to know how to speak two or more languages? So you could be half-way through a thought and get bored speaking English and start speaking perfect Portugal or Russian. So cool. Maybe I’ll add “learn another language” to my Life List. But I don’t want to take a class…I want to learn by immersion. Which would require a trip abroad. For many months. Which would probably result in me crossing off several Life List items at one time. I like it.

Anyways … I WAS at the Y today (nothing gets by you). I haven’t been a frequent visitor in a while but a couple weeks ago my husband and I started the “D” word and we’re getting back to a healthier lifestyle (Life List Item #45).

I didn’t want to tell anyone because I’ve had so many false starts over the last couple years. I’ve kind of yo-yoed with my weight my whole life. We’re trying something new…Medifast. We both figured we needed a jolt and needed to see some poundage disappear quick if we were going to get motivated. So far it’s been a success. Two weeks and two days and I’ve lost about 13 pounds. He’s lost more but I’ll let him tell you when he’s ready.

I actually heard about Medifast from a dentist I was interviewing for an article. I’ve got mad interviewing skills like that. One minute we’re talking about root canals, the next minute he’s reaching for a tissue and revealing his weight loss.

After I get down a bit more I plan to start incorporating real people food back into my diet. Medifast is really about shakes and bars five times a day with just one lean protein meal a day with greens. Literally only green vegetables. And no fruit on this diet and I love fruit.

What we like about it is there’s no thinking about what to fix or eat…it’s a no-brainer. And it’s quick. The first couple of days were easy. The next couple of days were challenging because I started to really miss “real” coke (you can have diet coke) and my normal carbs. We’ve kind of gotten into a groove now but occasionally are really challenged. Friday night Margaritas and Mexican food with friends? Negative. Pizza with the kids? Nope. Appetizers at a friends jewelry party. Not for me. Who knew food was such a social thing?!

What we’ve had a lot of (and we’re starting to become almost snobs about it) is seafood. Already bored with what we can cook and what restaurants have around us – we decided to drive down to Galveston (about an hour from our home) to get some seafood by the beach on Sunday.

Since I’m an emotional eater (and I’m a very emotional person!) it’s a struggle that I’ll most likely face my whole life. That – and I’m 4’10” so EVERY pound shows on me. But here I am. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Hopefully I’ll continue to be successful so maybe when I travel abroad and learn another language I can go to that nude beach with confidence! (All of which are items on my Life List!!!)

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    Nicki Woo says:

    Well I'm totally impressed. I think I heard somebody (probably Dr. Oz) say a habit is formed in 14 days. So looky you! Your off to an excellent start. By the next meeting, we'll all be where's Jennifer, and you'll have to turn sideways so we can see you cause you'll be so skinny 🙂

    I'm on a diet too. Though yours sounds MUCH more successful. I gained 4 pounds (who knows), then I lost 8 (better). I'm hanging in there, but I write about food, and my kids are starving ALL the time, and sometimes I just want make myself a chocolate sundae and roll in it.

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