Diet is a Four-Letter Word

Many people who begin a weight loss journey don’t call it a diet – they refer to it as a life-style change or establishing healthier eating habits. It’s a positive spin on the changes they are making to be a more healthful person.

I am on a DIET. There is no two ways about it. No way to make it sound any different then what it is… food deprecation. I chose this diet because I wanted to get a jump start that will lead to a life-style change and eating more healthful. I wanted to see results quickly so I would get motivated and hopefully stick to it. I knew that if I just started eating better it would take forever to see results because I have so much to lose. And I know this to be true because I feel like it’s taking forever to see results even on this strict regimen.

But it’s been 3 weeks and 3 days and I’m starting to see (and feel) a difference. Indeed, I’ve lost 16 or 17 pounds so far which is radical for the short time period. But Medifast is endorsed by physicians and I am getting the nutrients I need. I just miss food. A lot.

I eat five “meals” a day (Medifast meals that are mainly shakes and bars) and a lean/green meal (which equates to about 7 oz of shrimp, a cup of lettuce with a half-cup of cucumbers and tomatoes.) No bread, no fruit, no sweets, no non-diet soda. No fun.

Right now the fuel I put into my body is mainly just that – fuel to keep me healthy. I do not enjoy meals. And I miss that. But – I’m starting to slim down and after I lose about 4 or so more pounds my plan is to start Weight Watchers to lose the remaining 30 pounds.

So, for me, Diet is a four-letter word. But a healthier lifestyle is in my future. And as my high school track coach used to say…”If the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise” I’ll stick to it.



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    Kristin says:

    My granny used to say that about the creek.

    *hugs* I refuse to diet. I need to get healthier, but I'm making small changes. Except when I'm at a Houston Bloggers Meeting, though. 🙂

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