Snow Day In Houston – Has the Whole City Gone Mad?

So I’ve been watching the city go into freak out mode for the past two days about the cold weather we’re having. It has been in the 20’s and 30’s. Below freezing is cold for Houston BUT….they’ve all but shut down the town because it’s supposed to rain tonight and we might get some snow tomorrow. (Schools are closed, activities canceled, etc.) I can hear those in upstate New York laughing at us from here.

I feel somewhat responsible for our weather predicament. I’ve been hoping and praying for some cold weather this winter and have been in hog heaven bundled up in a blanket, fire (albeit a gas and fake log one) in the fireplace, cup of hot cocoa in my hands…reading a good book.

I know this weather will pass for us soon (unlike a lot of people in the country who have it for several months…which could get old) but I plan to enjoy it while it lasts. If you are home-bound, too – here’s a video to watch to keep you busy! It’s old, but it’s funny. Enjoy! 🙂



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    beke says:

    That was hilarious.

    MY kids are so stoked for snow. It better snow. Do you know how p*****d I'm going to be if it doesn't snow. Did I mention it better snow.

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