No Snow, Snow Day

Well shoot. I think just about every kid in Houston let out a collective sigh when they woke up this morning to no snow. We did get ice, though. Although my kids were upset when I told them it’s not enough to cover the community pool and go ice skating on it. Whaddya gonna do, right?

It is cold, that’s for sure. And for the last several days I’ve been wearing my Agloves whenever I’m outside. Remember I did a review on these bad boys? Still Living The Dream blog reader, Stephanie, won a pair and loves them too. I heard that Agloves has a Valentine’s Day promotion – so if you live in a city that experiences cold weather for a bit longer then we do in Houston…you might want to grab a pair for someone you love. Here’s the deal-io.
Gift-ready bundle includes:
  • 1 pair Agloves, touch screen gloves S/M, M/L or XL
  • 1 Chocolove 1.3-ounce bar, dark chocolate/cherry/almond flavor
  • 1 Valentine’s mini card with poem
  • Wrapped in a romantic red organza bag with satin drawstrings
  • $24.99 – Limited Edition  

Agloves Details

  • Work on all touch screens
  • Snug-fitting for precision and dexterity
  • 10-finger functionality
  • Warm and washable
  • Elegant, straightforward style
As for me…I’m not wearing my Agloves today. We’re all snug as a bug in a rug inside by the fire enjoying our no snow – snow day. Hope you’re staying warm, too!


  1. 1
    Michelle says:

    What a great photo, Jenn! Our poor Gulf Coast kiddos really get short-changed on the winter weather, don't they?

  2. 2
    beke says:

    your kiddosare so stinkin cute! Don't tell Jackson I said that…..

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