Life List Item #46 – Paint Jackson’s Room

Painting a room doesn’t sound like a life list item, does it? I’ve been putting it off for more than five years – so yeah – it kinda does. When we moved into this house we put Jackson in the biggest kid’s room that happened to have a floral border painted along the top of his walls. I told him then (7 months pregnant with Annie) “No worries – Mommy will paint your room soon.”

Liar, liar pants on fire.
He’s been a trooper and hasn’t complained much. But I’m letting my fear of the task prevent me from doing what I promised. All the taping and priming and painting and dripping and cleaning….I’m overwhelmed!
But let’s face it – the camo netting and tank posters just don’t go with the floral border.

The other day I was on the elliptical machine at the gym (I know – Life List #45: Get Healthy; woot, woot!) with my friend Stephanie and I mentioned that I wanted to paint the room and she said she’d help me. Instead of saying ok, then putting it off for another year I said – “Great! Can we go to Home Depot after this?”
We looked at paint colors, selected a few “chips” and I showed them to Jackson. He wants the walls to be green, to go with the camo theme he has going on right now. So we narrowed it down to one that wasn’t too dark, too light or too “girlie”. (I mean, anything is a step up from flowers, but ok.)
Stephanie is going to visit her sister who just had a baby for a a week or so – so my homework while she’s gone (I’m so good with assignments!) was to buy a bit of the color we picked and paint a square to see how it looks in different light.


Here’s what we got. What do you think? Progress? So if you have a life list – don’t hesitate to put something that you’ve put off for five years or more. Not sure if I’ll go to Paris this year, but I just might get this room painted.


  1. 1
    beke says:

    In the picture the color looks gray, but I like it.
    I do have two painting tips for you and they are huge , huge , huge time savers.
    1. don't worry about taping any thing off. Go buy some edger paint pads. They are super cool and really work well. They have handles and have removeable pads that go on them they have little rollers and move very easily along the edge. You can edge a room in half the time it takes to tape off a room. And
    2. along the same lines they also have corner paint pads. Again saves you bunch of time and you don't have to buy any paint brushes. I've painted lots and lots and lots. I promise these two things will save you hours.

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    I agree; it looks more grey in the picture. Does it have grey in it? But it's still better than flowers. Any day.

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