Last Minute Gift Ideas

photo courtesy of flickr : Muffet

There’s only 6 more days until my 40th birthday. Many of you, no doubt, are frantic as this point…trying to decide what the perfect gift is to get me. May I offer up some ideas to help lighten your burden?

1. A Vespa. I really want one and maybe one of you has one that you don’t use. Or maybe you own a Vespa dealership and have too much inventory? If that’s the case…let me help you…help me. I’d be glad to blog about my Vespa excursions. I’d even strap a video camera on my head as I run errands. How fun is that? Just sayin. And you’d be helping me acheive number 5 on my life list. It’s win – win – win.

2. Pointed-toe Cowboy boots. If I’m going to kick depression’s ass (number 7 on my life list) – I think I should look sassy while I’m doing it.

3. Are you Meryl Streep? Your mere presense is a gift. Let’s do lunch (number 26 on my life list)

Really any item on my life list would be great. Am I bold? Sure. But it’s my year to REACH out and you don’t get if you don’t ask, right?

Just in case you’re not famous or rich or don’t really like me much, here’s an idea that doesn’t cost a cent and only takes a second.

4. Nominate me for the 2011 bloggies. That’s the gift that keeps on giving. All you have to do is click here and nominate me for any and all categories you think I qualify for. May I suggest “humerous writing”? I mean, I’d love to win the “sports” or “asian” or “technology” categories, but I’m not overly optimistic about that. Considering I don’t write about those categories. Ever.

But hurry because the deadline to nominate is January 16th. And what is January 16th? The date of my 40th birthday. Poetic, don’t you think?


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