Hello, New Year

I took a couple of weeks off from blogging and most of my other freelance writing work to enjoy the chaos that is life in my home over the holidays. In addition to the normal seasonal festivities I read a book, went to physical therapy twice a week and did not send out Christmas cards again this year. I always want to. I often even get close to. But the reality is – I haven’t sent them out in a long while.

I’ve noticed that over the last several years of not getting Christmas cards out, the number of Christmas cards I receive has slowly dwindled. I’d like to take this time out to publicly thank Susan, Joette, Kara, Julie, Ellen, Lorri, Tanya, Marci and The Clever Girls Collective for keeping me on your Christmas card list even though I clearly do not reciprocate. There is a special place in heaven for people like you. For those that have taken me off your lists – I completely understand. And for those of you, like me, who cannot muster the time or energy to get Christmas cards out – welcome to the well-intentions club…we meet on the first Tuesday each month. I’m always late.

So like it or not…it’s 2011. And exactly 13 days until I turn 40 years old.  More of that later.

I’m excited that I finally selected my word for 2011. After reading through the hundreds of (one) suggestion (thanks Karen) I came up with an idea in the middle of the night that felt right and bam. It’s my word.


I’m excited because just as Ali Edwards promised on January 1st I had an email in my inbox with my first class assignment (I’m taking her “one little word” class on BigPictureClasses.com.) I’m ready to have fun with my word and can’t wait to see what kind of surprises make themselves known throughout the process.

Lots of other things going on that I’m excited about including the growth of my blog and involvement with a group of cool bloggers at Mom Spark Media who will undoubtedly help me do so.

I promise to update you soon on my progress with Financial Peace University as well as my word project – which ties into my upcoming birthday and what happens next – which I’ve just decided to call “THE YEAR OF 40.”

 I think it will be fun. And scary. But mostly fun.



  1. 1
    beke says:

    does it stand for

    Cause if not- it should. I've always liked your hair…….

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    Way to start the new year off positive! You're gonna find that 40 doesn't feel that much different than 39. And you can remind me of that in 2013 when I turn…gulp…50.

  3. 3
    Boutte Clan says:

    Love the word! Can't decide on one for me yet, but still contemplating.

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