National Write a Novel Month

So November is National Write a Novel Month. I’m serious. And because I’m bored and have nothing to do except raise two kids, work, get on a budget, pay off debt and keep my house and sanity in check…I accepted the challenge.

Oh – and I tore my rotator cuff. While skiing in Aspen with JayLo. I mean playing tennis in Sonoma with Owen Wilson. Or I fell on the stairs. I can’t be troubled with the details of the injury – the point is…I’m wounded and apparently need surgery.

Because mama always likes her a little medical problem around the holidays and when she’s trying to SAVE MONEY AND GET OUT OF DEBT.

So I’m going to write a novel this month. And it’s going to be great. And I’m going to think of the storyline any day now. I. just. know. it.



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    Michelle Y. says:

    So sorry about your rotator cuff. That stinks. My recommendation is to farm everything, and I do mean everything, out. Other people can wrap packages for you, shop, cook, etc. This is the one time you can just sit back and let people help. I broke my arm on Christmas Day morning four years ago. It was quite the drama, but everyone helped get dinner together, and I sat like a diva, enjoying my pain pills and a glass of the grape. In some ways, it was the best Christmas I have had in years, because I focused on the people, not the process. Maybe there's a lesson here.

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    Cissie says:

    Maybe a novel titled "Stop the insanity!" or "Live the Chaos!" (which is MY motto!)

    Good luck! You can do it! 🙂

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